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How Do I See My Facebook® Page Likes

May 16, 2014  |  Difficulty: Easy

see and manage your Facebook® page likes.

Facebook® pages are a very popular way to interact with a community of like-minded individuals. People tend to like pages where they can receive information and updates on an area of interest or to simply show support for a page. Sometimes if too many pages are liked, some pages may seem to get lost in the multitude of posts by another. To rectify the situation, you may want to remove a “like” from a page or simply review the pages you liked in the first place. There is a hidden option in Facebook® navigation that allows you to view and change your page likes. The instructions below explains how to see and manage your Facebook® page likes.

Showing liked pages on Facebook®:

  1. Log in to your Facebook® account.
  2. Click on your name at the top navigation bar to get to your timeline.
  3. Hoover your mouse cursor over the “More” button on the navigation bar below your timeline photo and select “Likes”.
  4. Click a section (e.g. Restaurants, Sports, Clothing, Other Likes) to see Pages in that section. The Pages that you've liked will appear below the Suggestions.
    Select Other Likes to see Pages you've liked that aren't in these sections.
  5. Hover your mouse over the image of a page you want to remove from your Facebook likes. In the top right corner, a “Liked” box will appear. Hover your mouse over the box to display a dropdown menu. At the bottom of the menu, click “Unlike”.

Tips and Techniques:

  • Following the steps above, you can also place particular pages in specific areas of interest. When the “Liked” box appears as noted in Step 5, select the “Add to Interest Lists” from the dropdown menu. You can create your own categories of interest or select from a list of Facebook® categories. Just follow the Facebook® wizard through the process to group your Facebook® page likes.

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