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How Do I Send a Happy New Year eCard

December 23, 2011  |  Difficulty: Easy

how to send an online eCard with New Year’s wishes.

Electronic communication is a common way to keep in touch with friends and family, and sending a Christmas or New Year’s via eCard is a quick way to send thoughtful greetings. You can make many of your friends and family happy with just a few clicks on the right website. By following the instructions below, you can learn how to send an eCard with New Year’s wishes.

Sending New Year’s eCards using 123Greetings®:

  1. Launch your Internet browser and go to the Happy New Year section on the 123Greetings® website. Click on the eCard you wish to send.
  2. Select music to accompany your card from the dropdown menu below the image, if you wish.
  3. Type in the “Sender’s name”, “Sender’s email”, “Receiver’s name”, “Receiver’s email”, “Message”, and delivery date.
  4. Click on the “Send Now” button.
  5. Your eCard has now been sent. You can send it to others as well by clicking on the “Send this eCard to someone else!” button. You will then need to type in the necessary information and send the New Year’s eCard to all the relatives and friends you wish.

Alternative eCards websites:

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