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How Do I Send Large Files on the Internet

February 06, 2013  |  Difficulty: Easy

to send a file using Dropsend®

As our use of the Internet grows, so does the size of our files. The addition of graphics, images, text variations and the like is making our documents much more interesting and much, much larger. Sharing large files across the Internet can be difficult, especially since most mailbox services typically offer an attachment size limit of up to 50 MB.

There are services that enable sending larger files via email. Many of these require registration for both free and paid accounts. However, there are some that provide instant file sending for up to 2 GB without any registration or fee, such as the mail sharing service DropSend®. Find out how to send a file using Dropsend® in the eight steps listed below.

Sending Large Files on the Internet:

  1. Launch your Internet browser and go to the Dropsend® homepage.
  2. On the left side you can see “Send A File Now!” field, enter the receiver email address to the “To:” box.
  3. Enter your email address to the “From:” box.
  4. Click on the “Browse” button and locate the file on your hard drive.
  5. You can add an email subject line and a message by clicking on the “plus” buttons and then typing in relevant content into each of the boxes.
  6. Click on the “Send Your File” orange button.
  7. Now a window will appear detailing the progress of the send process (you can cancel it by clicking on the “Cancel Send” button).
  8. That’s all, the email with the uploaded link is sent.

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