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How Do I Set Up Parental Controls in Windows® 7

June 18, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

where to find Parental Controls

According to the latest reports, children are facing more dangerous threats than ever on the Internet. Parents usually underestimate this problem, but they already have a very simple tool readily available to them in Windows® 7. If you want to set up at least the most basic form of protection, start with setting up the Parental Controls for your child’s user account. To learn where to find this utility, follow the instructions below.

Setting up Parental Controls in Windows® 7:

  1. Go to “Start > Control Panel > User Account and Family Safety”.
  2. Click on the “Set up parental controls for any user”.
  3. Select the child’s account. In the next window, select the “On, enforce current settings” option button.
  4. On the right side (below the account name and image), specify “Time Limits”, “Game Ratings“ and “Programs Ratings”.


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