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How Do I Set Up Windows® Mobility Center

February 21, 2012  |  Difficulty: Medium

how to access the Windows® Mobility Center and find a basic description of its functions.

In the Windows® 7 operating system, Microsoft® offers a new facility called the Windows® Mobility Center. It enables fast access to the settings of important features of your laptop or tablet PC. By using this facility you can almost instantly manage some presentation functions, display settings, wireless networks and power consumption settings. To learn how to access the Windows® Mobility Center and find a basic description of these functions you can read the eight points below.

The Windows® Mobility Center is accessible in several ways:

  • Go to “Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Windows® Mobility Center”.
  • Right-click on the battery icon in the system tray and select the “Windows® Mobility Center” option.
  • Press the “WinKey+X” shortcut.

Functions of the Windows® Mobility Center:

  1. Brightness – Using the slider you can set the brightness of the laptop’s display. The higher the brightness the higher the power consumption.
  2. Volume – You can set the volume of the sound device. You can also instantly mute all sounds by checking the “Mute” checkbox here. The power consumption rule applies here as well.
  3. Battery Status – This shows the actual state of the battery. Using the dropdown menu you can select an optimal power scheme.
  4. Wireless Network – Here you can turn on or off your wireless network adapter. If you are not connected to the wireless network, you should turn it off to save energy.
  5. Screen Orientation – Only for a tablet PC, this enables you to change your display orientation.
  6. External Display – Using this service you can set the display on an external monitor or other devices.
  7. Sync Center – This displays file synchronization with other computers, and you can launch a new synchronization or change the settings of it.
  8. Presentation Settings – This allows the fast activation of special settings of the laptop for presentations.


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