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How Do I Share Facebook Post on a Page

May 20, 2015  |  Difficulty: Medium

Share Facebook Post on a Page

If you are a Facebook user you can see many posts, photos and videos on your Friend’s timelines or walls. As you may know you can share it on your own profile (wall). These posts may be shared differently if you are Facebook® page or group administrator or moderator - it just needs a slightly different action than we are used to doing for sharing. If you don’t know what exactly you are supposed to do read the instructions below.

Sharing a post on Facebook® page or group instructions:

  1. Click on the “Share” link below the post you want to share in a group or on a page.
  2. Overlay with share options appears, click on the “On your own Timeline” dropdown button.
  3. Select “In a group” or “On a Page you manage”.
    - for group you have to write group name below.
    - if you want to share it on page, specify the page in the displayed dropdown button.
  4. Click on the “Share” link.

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