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How Do I Sit Properly at a Computer

June 18, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

helpful advice to help you stay fit

More and more people work with computers and they usually spend the majority of the day sitting in front of the computer screen. Repositioning on the chair throughout the day is helpful, but often sitting in a poor position can affect the body badly. Sitting in a poor position can cause back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and tingling in the hands and fingers. There are several recommendations made by physiotherapists, doctors and other experts. Here you will find some helpful advice to help you stay fit and avoid such problems. The recommendations below can be beneficial to your health.

Recommendations for sitting at a computer:

  1. Adjust your chair to the correct position. The seat and the back of the chair should be at an angle between 100°-110°.
  2. Sit and push your hips as far back in the chair as you can.
  3. Sit close to your keyboard, set the height and tilt of the keyboard so that your shoulders are relaxed. Place it directly in front of your body.
  4. While typing on the keyboard, use wrist rests to help maintain neutral postures and pad hard surfaces.
  5. Adjust the monitor and source documents so that your neck is in a neutral, relaxed position. Don’t look down or up to the monitor.
  6. Sit at least an arm's length from the screen and adjust the distance for your vision.
  7. Put all the things you need in your work place in easily reachable places, so if you want to use them you can stay in the relaxed position.
  8. Afford yourself small breaks and release some of that muscle tension, stretch your hands and legs, have a small walk (even to the toilet). It is suggested that you have a 1-2minute break every 30 minutes.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Have the device you work with most of the day in the best position and condition. If it is a keyboard, really focus on it; find the best position, buy the model that suits you best… with ideal color, strokes, font, labels, etc.

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