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How Do I Transfer Contacts from iPhone® to Android™

February 06, 2013  |  Difficulty: Medium

 transfer contacts from an iPhone® to an Android™

If you are one of those people who has had to store contacts in your mobile device’s memory and now needs to transfer those contacts to a new device, read on. Learn how you can transfer contacts from an iPhone® to an Android™-based device using your Google® account in just a few moves. The instructions below explain how to perform this process step-by-step.

Transferring Your Contacts:

  1. First, you have to have a Google® account created. Read here how to do it. It is assumed you already entered it into your phone to access Google® services.
  2. Connect your iPhone® with your computer and open iTunes®. After iTunes® recognizes your iPhone®, hit "Device > iPhone" then choose the "Info" icon.
  3. Check the "Sync Contacts with" checkbox and, from the dropdown menu, select "Google® Contacts".
  4. Press the "Configure" button and enter your Google® username and password. All your contacts should be synced to Google® contacts.
  5. Now, on your Android™ phone, go to “Menu > Settings > Account and sync“.
  6. Tap on “Google / <your email>” account.
  7. Check the “Sync Contacts” option.

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