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How Do I Turn Off Both LEDs on the Computer Case

February 05, 2013  |  Difficulty: Medium

turn off both LEDs on your computer case

Some users may prefer silent computers, while others prefer “invisible” ones. As strange as it may sound, an invisible computer eliminates the blinking LEDs on their computer cases. Every computer case typically contains two LEDs. One is a power-on indication and is lit the entire time the computer is turned on. The second one blinks when it is reading or writing data on a hard drive.

Unfortunately, to disable the LEDs, you must physically unplug them from the motherboard. It is not an operation for beginners, so if you don’t feel skilled enough to open your computer’s case and remove cables from the motherboard, don’t do it! On the other hand, if you are thorough, careful and follow the steps listed below exactly, you shouldn’t have any problems unplugging the LEDs so they will be turned off all the time.

Unplugging Case LEDs from the Motherboard:

  1. Turn off your computer.
  2. Remove the left side cover from the computer case (usually the screws are at the rear side). You should now have access to all the computer parts.
  3. There should be a few cables and wires leading from the front panel to the motherboard with labels like: H.D.D. LED, POWER LED, SLEEP SW, RESET SW. (See the image “Step_3” in the gallery below).
  4. Unplug the “H.D.D. LED and POWER LED” from the motherboard.
  5. Place the side cover back in place and turn the computer on.


  • Be careful, there may be more cables leading from the front panel, such as USB connections.


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