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How Do I Uninstall or Hide AVG toolbar

November 25, 2013  |  Difficulty: Easy

remove AVG® Security Toolbar.

If you download a free application from the Internet, it might contain additional applications or software. Free applications often come with toolbars that can be useful and quite handy if you know how to control them effectively. If you don’t, these inadvertently installed toolbars may be bothersome. For example, if you happen to download and install the AVG® Security Toolbar and now want to remove it, the instructions below will tell you how.

Removing AVG® Security Toolbar instructions:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer® (even if you have set Google Chrome™ or Firefox® as your default browser).
  2. Click on the dropdown located next to the AVG® logo in the AVG® Toolbar area and select “Hide/uninstall the AVG Toolbar”.
  3. Select “Remove the toolbar and AVG Secure Search” option, and then click the “Ok” button to uninstall selected items from your PC.


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