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How Do I Use Kaspersky® Online Antivirus

May 09, 2013  |  Difficulty: Easy

Kaspersky® Online Scanner

If it seems as though your computer is infected with a virus, even if you have a security solution installed, it is often recommended users try another security suite or antivirus solution. Many people are hesitant to buy and install a second antivirus software because of the expense and every installation is written in the Windows® registry. A more suitable solution may be to use an online virus scanner that scans your computer for free and gives you a second opinion quickly and easily from a different security application. In this article, find out how to work with the Kaspersky® Online Scanner which runs in your Internet browser.

Using the Kaspersky® Online Scanner:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer. (The Online Scanner service offered by Kaspersky® Lab uses Microsoft® ActiveX® technology, so the Microsoft® browser must be used.) Go to the Kaspersky® Free Antivirus Scan page.
    You will see the warning: The Kaspersky® Online Virus Scanner is being updated and improved! That means that the product is unavailable now!
  2. Click on the “SCAN NOW” button. When the Kaspersky® Online Scanner’s Java® applet has finished downloading, a window similar to the classic Kaspersky® Antivirus interface will appear.
  3. Read the requirements and limitations, and then press the “Accept” button. Click on the “Run” button to continue. The Kaspersky® Online Scanner will start downloading and installing the scanner and virus definitions.
  4. In the left navigation, click on the “Scan” section, and then click on the “My computer” link.
  5. When the Kaspersky® Online Scanner has finished scanning, you will see a Scan Result screen.

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