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How Do I Write an Email

December 06, 2011  |  Difficulty: Medium

describtion of the technical process of writing an email

Electronic communication, including sending and receiving emails, is ubiquitous nowadays. With electronic communication, people can share information and data with colleagues, friends and family quickly, cheaply, and in a more eco-friendly fashion than is possible with a traditional letter sent through the mail. The article that focuses on setting up an email account describes how to create your own electronic mailbox. This article describes the technical process of writing an email, as well as the requisite components of an email message.

Email contents:

  1. email address – The receiver’s address should always contain the “@” character and a suffix (e.g., .com, .net, .us, .uk) (name@inbox.com)
  2. Subject – Every email should contain a short subject line that is clear and concise and references the contents of the email message (e.g., Order No. 564).
  3. Greeting – Different greetings are appropriate for formal and informal emails, (e.g., “Dear Sir” vs. “Hi there”). At the end of the greeting you may include a comma (Dear Mr. Newman,).
  4. 1st Paragraph – The first paragraph should explain why are you writing and give a clear indication of what the message is about (I am writing in response to…).
  5. 2nd Paragraph – The main body of the email begins with the second paragraph. The body may contain several paragraphs to further explain the issue at hand, as well as attachments. It can be used to clearly and politely describe your needs.
  6. 3rd Paragraph – The 3rd paragraph (or last paragraph, if the body contains multiple paragraphs) should include a short and polite ending. If you used a comma after the greeting, use another after the ending as well (Yours sincerely,).
  7. Name – or signature. It is considered polite to include your name at the end of the message as it may not be clear who you are from your email address.

Tips and Tricks:

  • In order to create a more visually appealing message, leave one line of space between each paragraph.
  • Emoticons are appropriate for informal communications. The article thar focuses on installation of free smileys describes how to use emoticons.


  • Be 100% sure about your e-mail attachments. They must be relevant and secure.
  • There are general differences between writing a formal and an informal email. Your friends may excuse mistakes, but if you are writing a formal email it may be wise to refer to a guide for grammar and spelling advice.

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