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How to Give Your Pet a Bath

August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

For dogs and cats that spend the majority of their day outdoors, baths are a must. It will remove outdoor hitchhikers like bursa and leaves. A regular weekly flea bath in summer will kill fleas and ticks and deter an infestation in your house. Plus, when you give your pet a bath, you can feel all over his body looking for bumps, lumps, injuries or wounds that might remain otherwise hidden under all that fur.  Be diligent in making the experience as easy as possible for you and your pet. Here are the best tips on how to give your pet a bath.

  • Get everything you need (towels, shampoo, Vaseline, cotton balls and swabs, brush) ready before you get your pet.  Most pets don’t like baths, especially cats, so be ready.
  • Consider lining the base of the tub with a rubber matting or large towel or screen so pets can feel more sure of there footing.
  • Brush out mats and excess hair before bathing; tangles just get worse the more you rub them.
  • Protect your pet’s ear by loosely placing a cotton ball in each ear.
  • Protect your pet’s eyes with a little ointment (Vaseline or sterile ophthalmic) around the outer rim to keep out soapy water.
  • Close off all escape routes to avoid a dripping wet, soapy dog running all over the house.
  • Always use a pet shampoo specifically for your type of pet. Don’t use human shampoo as it can be too harsh for delicate skin and eyes. Plus, it can destroy fur’s natural oils.
  • Feel all over his body from tip to tail feeling for abnormalities, bumps, irritations or wounds.
  • Rinse soap well to avoid itchy residue on skin.
  • Be sure to towel him off thoroughly and keep him in a warm room, out of drafts until dry.

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