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iOS 6 – First impressions

October 08, 2012

Review of the iOS 6

The iOS mobile operating system from Apple® Inc. was first released in the iPhone® and iPod Touch® more than five years ago. Since then it has evolved into the latest version, iOS 6, which was recently released and evaluated by our review team, who reveal their first impressions.

iOS was reviewed from two perspectives. The first provides information on the upgrade from the view of a longtime iOS user, while the second focuses on the changes and new features of iOS 6 compared to the previous iOS 5 version.

New version = improvement?

Overall first impression was really disappointing. This upgrade has not moved the system forward; on the contrary, it has taken several steps backward. Our findings are listed below.

List of unfavorable changes in iOS 6

  1. Maps – The new version of Apple® iOS 6 Maps app is almost useless in some countries. Many maps are not accurate, there’s no zoom feature, different or outdated town names are used, some satellite pictures display only clouds, etc.
  2. YouTube® disappeared – If you want this app, you have to download the one created by Google® from the App Store℠.
  3. Facebook® integration – “Great!” yell some users, but on the other hand it is not as streamlined as anticipated. In fact, there are some undesirable details, such as copying all your Facebook® contacts to your phone directory.
  4. Passbook– When clicking on the only button in this application, redirection takes you to a blank page in the App Store℠. In addition, this folder contains nine applications you cannot remove from the system.
  5. Graphic details – Colors used in the system are also a letdown, which are light blue in the middle of the system and grey and black for the rest of it. The colors are not as sleek as one would expect this latest version to have.
  6. Alarm – The last finding is almost silly. Even in 2012, iOS is unable to wake you up without vibrating.

Improvements and new features

Despite the long list of disappointing changes, there are some positive improvements in iOS 6 worth noting, like the Do Not Disturb mode. This feature can switch ringing for incoming calls on and off automatically, which is especially convenient at night. iOS 6 also offers new options, such as ring settings for repeated calls or a list of exceptions for rings anytime.

Review results

With its less than stellar improvements, upgrading to iOS 6 does not seem to be essential and could even be considered a downgrade by some users. Two of the most significant reasons for staying with previous Apple® versions are the inadequate or even useless native maps (for some countries) and the color inconsistency within the system. Once Apple® polishes these and a few other refinements, then it may be worth making the change.

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