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Keep Your Computer Running As Well as New

October 29, 2015

Keep Your Computer Running As Well as New

That first time you take your new computer for a spin is always so much fun. The keyboard has crisp buttons with that satisfying “click” when you type. The screen has amazing resolution and there’s crystal-clear sound. And the speed. Oh, that speed. New computers always work so perfectly well.

Unfortunately, like everything, computers age. Bit by bit, performance is compromised: files open slower, websites load longer, videos are constantly buffering.

What to do? Some buy new operating systems and hardware upgrades to recreate that new-computer feel. This, of course, is expensive and time-consuming.

Another option is to fix the aging problem at the source by using optimization tools and applications to maintain the health of the computer.

There are many applications that will boost your startup speed, stabilize your system without error messages, clean your system registry, and improve your Internet access. A powerful utility should also provide you with memory services. This means that your hard drive and random access memory should be constantly cleaned of unnecessary data.

PCRx Registry Cleaner is one of the best tools to address all of these issues. It is an amazingly effective application that will enable your PC to work as fast and as well as it did when it was new.

Tips and Tricks:

• All changes made by PCRx are automatically saved. If your computer does not work properly after a repair, you can restore it to its previous state by going to the “Rescue Center” in the Support tab.

• If you want to remove the PCRx tray icon on the Windows® startup, you can do this by going to the “Settings” options in the Support tab.


• It is recommended that you check files marked for deletion by clicking the “Review Files” button during the System Speed Up Phase if you are cleaning up your files.


PCRx Registry Cleaner

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