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Lightweight Hiking Boots

July 29, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

The main reason why most people do not purchase hiking boots is because they are often bulky. As a result, they can take quite a toll when someone is trying to climb a mountain. Luckily, there are alternatives. Most leading manufacturers offer lightweight hiking boots. Not only will these boots allow you to make a great deal of progress, but it will keep you comfortable and relaxed. While your body may get tired, your feet certainly won’t be stopping you.

If you are climbing a massive mountain, you may want to look into heavier boots. On the other hand, if you are avoiding steep hills, then light-weight boots are perfect. Generally less than three pounds per pair, most of these hiking boots are water resistant. In addition, they come in both male and female sizes. For those who want a durable yet comfortable shoe, this alternative could not be a better one. Moreover, they are much easier to break in than a heavier type.

Like most outdoor shoes, hiking boots are made of leathers and mesh. The middle of the sole is normally made with lighter foam, which is great for ventilation. After all, when it gets warm outside, you will want to let your feet breathe! Not sure why the tongue material is so different from the rest of the shoe? It is specifically made to keep twigs and pebbles from getting inside. Most leading manufacturers tend to use Gore-Tex barriers. These protect your feet and the exterior from getting wet. It is also not uncommon for a brand to incorporate protective toes and heels. Seeing as they are made of rubber, they can easily help you avoid unwanted accidents.

Available in all colors, styles, and colors – it seems that there is something for everyone. Looking for boots that cover your ankles? Absolutely against anything that isn’t low cut? No matter what your preference is or what needs have to be met, hiking boots will certainly not disappoint.

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