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Lower Austria: The First State to Produce 100% Renewable Electricity

November 12, 2015  |  Difficulty: Easy


Lower Austria, the largest state in the European country, has announced that 100 percent of its electricity is now generated by renewable sources, such as hydroelectric, wind, and solar energy, as reported by The Guardian.

This environmentally friendly paradise was made possible after a 2.8 billion euro investment in bio electricity during the past 13 years, according to Erwin Proell, the premier of Lower Austria.

63% of the energy comes from hydroelectric power

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26% comes from wind energy

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9% is from biomass and 2% is solar.

Change to Renewable Power

This technology has also has generated 38,000 jobs.

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This is not surprising in Austria, considering that 75% of its energy comes from renewable sources

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