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Map of Mass Shootings in 2015 by State

December 04, 2015  |  Difficulty: Easy


After last incidents in San Bernardino California that left 14 people dead this week, some maps and charts ad emerged trying to illustrate geographically how the mass shootings had been occurring during this year in America.

Using data from shootingtracker.com we have colored this map highlighting every state according to the number of killed people there during a mass shooting in 2015.

The site counts incidents where there were at least 4 people shot, but not necessarily dead. It is updated and maintained by a Reddit group.

In the map, the color intensity represents the number of people shot dead in individual states, and by the same token, the lighter the color, the smaller the number of killed people by state.

The states with zero deaths in a mass shooting are on white.

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According to this data, California and Texas have the biggest number of diseased during massive shooting incidents, and States such as New Hampshire, West Virginia, Hawaii and North Dakota have none.

PBS also used the data from the site to create an interactive map showing the places where these mass shootings occurred in the country.

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