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MIUI 7 officially launched. What can we expect?

August 21, 2015

introduced a new system upgrade bearing the MIUI 7

The last Xiaomi company press conference was very rich in introducing innovations coming from the workshop of Chinese companies. In another article we inform you about the introduction of a new smartphone, Xiaomi Note 2, which will attract customers mainly by its solid performance and a very competitive price. This news, however, was not the only thing worth noticing. There was also the introduction of a new system upgrade bearing the MIUI 7. This promises the continuation of the trend already established in previous versions. Furthermore, it fixes some issues, benefits with new features, themes, a changed user interface and an entirely new way to answer voice calls. For individual contacts we can link a video that will be played instead of the classic ringing when the contact calls you. It is a sort of extension to the classical functions as assigning images to contacts.

The new version of the MIUI comes with a very improved user interface. Although these changes are mostly just cosmetic, we should expect a better user experience and an improvement of system stability. We also look forward to five new themes, intended mainly for women, but men should not despair, because we will continue to have the opportunity to choose from a large number of paid, but also free themes.

Mi Roaming

Another interesting new feature is Mi Roaming. This is a classic Roaming which we use when traveling abroad. The difference is that this functionality is aimed primarily for users utilizing services of one of a number of virtual operators, because the tariff can be purchased directly from the Xiaomi Company which provides services such as classic mobile operator. This possibility has so far only been announced for the Chinese version of the MIUI 7 and its worldwide availability has not been announced yet, it is of course a very genuine solution.

During the introduction of the new MIUI was also a series of publications about some statistics.. We could see from these that Xiaomi currently has more than 150 million devices using this MIUI android superstructure. MIUI version 7 is again based on the Android 5.0 - Lollipop operating system, and we will see a worldwide release on August 19 in India. Owners of Xiaomi Mi2, Mi 2S, 2A Mi, Mi 3 Mi 4 Mi Note and the Note devices can look forward to this upgrade.

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