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Multifunction Printers

May 26, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Consumers who require numerous devices to meet their needs should look into the convenience of a multifunction printer.  Multifunction printers not only act as a printer but also a copier and scanner.   Also known as the "all-in-one" or the "central output" machine, these useful devices are quickly becoming a popular option for business and home users.

Multifunction printers are available in both black-and-white or color models.  Some even offer fax machine functionality, allowing users to purchase only one piece of equipment for their home or office. 

Before purchasing a multifunction printer, it is important to first assess the needs and requirements of your organization.  For example, determine how often you would use a scanner.  Determine if you require a fax machine or if you are interested in internal fax software.  Finally, decide if you need advanced copying functions like folding, sorting, stapling, or binding.

After making your list of desired features and options, you will be in a better position to choose the multifunction printer that is right for you.

Multifunction Printer Basics

  • Various copier and scanner speeds
  • Quality copier and scanner resolution
  • Connectivity options
  • Number of advanced functions
  • Low ink cartridge costs

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