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Old Lady waiting for Johny Depp in a Crowd Became a Social Media Hero

October 06, 2015

Old lady social hero

The picture of a crowd in a street of Boston waiting outside the Premiere of last Johnny Depp’s film, has become viral on Social Networks this week, , mostly because of an elderly woman, who is, surprisingly, not caring a smartphone.

The image shows a group of fans angling to get a photo of Depp, who was accompanied to the Premiere by  Dakota Johnson

open pack trick

It is said that with age comes wisdom. This lady, who doesn’t seem to feel the need to impress her friends with photographic evidence of a movie-star experience, made a lot of social media users agree.

Tips to feel better at an older age

What do you think? Is this lady showing wisdom by enjoying the moment instead of trying to get a (most likely) blurry image of famous people? Or does she just not own a smartphone?

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Image via Boston.com

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