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May 16, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

The type or brand of PDA you purchase will determine the software needs you will have.  All PDAs require a basic operating system, like Pocket PC, Palm or BlackBerry.  The operating system is the basic program that allows the PDA to display information and communicate with other devices. 

The software used to display contact information, schedules, notes, and so on is called Personal Information Management (PIM) software.  This is basic software included with any PDA.

A wide variety of PDA software is available to suit any other need or want that the user may have.  Global Positioning System (GPS) software can be installed that allows the PDA to be used as a navigation system for driving, hiking, etc.

Other software that many users enjoy includes games, photo editing, and MP3 music or video playing.  It is also smart to install an anti-virus software if you intend to access the internet with your PDA.

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