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August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Doggy bags are all the rage these days, but they’re not for leftovers anymore! Also called pet purses and pet totes, these new pet carriers let you fashionably take your furry friends with you wherever you go.

The newest pet carriers are sized for different breeds; dogs as well as cats and even other pocket pets, too. For pet-loving women, they look more like a fashion purse and for men they are designed more like a back pack or ruck-sack. Pet totes are fun for the pets, too, especially toy dog breeds which can get tired on long outings.  They usually provide just the perfect amount of space to stand up or lay down.  And for puppies or kittens, they mold to the pets body and provide the closeness a baby pet requires (as long as you keep them warm enough!).  They are usually open on one side or at least provide a fresh air and vision field for your pet.  Plus this way, your pet can be on the go with you, which is of course always their favorite place to be at all times.

For you, pet carriers are a fun fashion accessory and a surprise to everybody as you walk down the street with that cute tail wagging and nose sniffing.  Everyone will want to “oooh!” and “aaahhhh!” your pet!  Pet carriers can be just like a purse because you can change your carrier to match any outfit. The newest pet carriers are more of a purse than a pet carrier because they hold compartments for your wallet, phone, keys and makeup as well as for your pet.

But be prepared, pet totes can be pricey.  Many are made by pet-loving designers and can cost thousands of dollars depending on the designer and style.  But lower-priced versions are beginning to crop up all over the internet and even at some discount department stores.

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