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Pet Etiquette

August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

The most important manners at a pet-friendly hotel are yours!  When you practice pet etiquette you let pet-friendly establishments know you respect their property’s pet-friendly services.

When outdoors on the vacation property, your furry friend belongs on a short, controllable leash, both for his sake and the sake of the other guests.  Never let your dog “go” near social areas like playgrounds, picnic areas or entryways and always use a pooper scooper to clean up after your dog.

To make pet transport easier, try to get a ground level room.  When you come back from a walk or outing wipe off your dog, especially his feet, upon entering the room, so he doesn’t track mud or debris onto the carpets or bedding.  Create a proper travel identification tag for your pet that includes your hotel name, your name and your cell phone number in case your pet gets lost. Don’t forget to bring your pet’s own food dishes and favorite foods to lessen the stress of a new place or routine.

To protect a pet-friendly resort from damage caused by your pet, cover furniture with your own sheets and throws.  If your pet causes damage, report it immediately and make sure you clean up after your pet upon check out.  And never, never leave your pets alone or tied on a balcony where he could fall off, choke or bark excessively.

If you are permitted to leave your pet in the room unattended, only do so for short periods of time. Use a ’Do Not Disturb’ sign so strangers do not frighten your cat or dog.  Make sure the temperature is just right for your pet and, if possible, leave your unattended pets in travel carriers or crates until your return.  Turn the radio or TV on low volume to soothe your pet and drown out noises that would otherwise cause your dog to bark.  Above all, come back soon, because your absence for long periods of time in a strange place will cause your dog stress that could lead to aggressive and destructive behaviors very quickly.

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