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Pet First Aid Kit

August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Establishing a pet first aid kit is an important first step toward protecting your pet.
Right beside your family’s first aid kit, should be a pet first aid kit. This way, should an emergency or would happen to your pet, you’ll be prepared.  First, find out your veterinarian’s policies on emergency care. Where should you go if you have an emergency? Is a vet on-call at his office? Put this information along with the number of your local poison control center on an index card affixed to the front of your first aid kit, along with a back-up 24-hour animal hospital in case you can’t reach your vet. Be very careful when handling an ill or injured animal as even normally docile, trained, loving pets can get very scared and agitated when in pain, just like humans.

After you have the phone numbers and instructions of your veterinarian and poison control center, add these items to your kit so you’re ready for anything:
  • Gauze for wrapping wounds or muzzling your pet.
  • Sports tape for adhering bandages.
  • Large non-stick pads.
  • Tongue depressors for splinting and checking in mouths.
  • Wash cloths and towels to stop bleeding.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (3%).
  • Milk of Magnesia to absorb poisons.
  • Large feeding syringe or eyedropper for giving medications.
  • Muzzle: To create your own in the case of biting or agitated animals wrap around the snout gently, under the chin and tie behind the ears. Use a nylon stocking, soft rope or cloth or an old neck tie. Never muzzle a vomiting pet! Some pets will be difficult to muzzle and a large towel wrapped around their hold head can help quiet them down.
  • Stretcher: Depending upon the size of your pet, this can be a stiff board, a door, a folded blanket, floor mat or his dog or cat bed.
While a first-aid kit is not a substitute for veterinary care, having these items handy can help you treat your injured dog and get him to the vet safer and quicker.

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