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August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Just because pets don’t complain doesn’t mean they don’t get sick.  

One of the best ways to gauge your pet’s health is with weekly home examinations.  Basically, you feel your pet from head to toe checking for any unusual bumps, sensitivities or skin irritations.  Next, you’ll look for odd secretions coming from eyes, teeth, ears, nose, mouth or anal glands.  If you do this every week, you’ll be able to pinpoint trouble before serious complications arise.  Plus, this regular routine makes it easier for your dog to withstand examinations in this manner by the veterinarian.

Just like in humans there’s a cure for any cause.  Some pet medications are preventative like current vaccinations, flea and tick treatments and regular heartworm medication, used to protect against common parasites and viruses that can destroy your pet’s health.  Other medications are curative.  Many dogs and cats need ear and eye medications because they spend a lot of time outside in the dirt and digestive medications because they may not be picky about what they eat.  Skin irritations are very common and can be caused by internal sources such as a food allergy or external sources such as poison ivy, fleas or ticks.  Only your vet will know for sure what your specific breed of pet requires at any given time.

If your pet does need treatment and medication you’ll follow the same rules you would for yourself.  You’ll check for the expiration date on the bottle, you’ll be ware of any side effects the medication may cause your pet and you’ll be careful about the dosage and timing of the medication. Read the labels very carefully and follow all the directions exactly. The only difference in giving your pet medication is that you’ll have to wrap the pills in cheese or bread for a dog or you’ll have to learn how to “pill” a cat!

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