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Pet Memorials

August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Creating a special final resting place for your lost pet in your backyard can really help a family through its grieving process.

Have your family decide on a way to mark your pet’s plot that is special to everyone in the family.  Typically, pet memorials can be a carved wooden plaque, a headstone made from granite or slate, an animal statue, a special bird bath or large stone.  Depending on the craftsmanship, these can be pricey or even homemade by the entire family to create an even more special commemoration. A living memorial is a beautiful way to teach and celebrate the lesson of rebirth and consists of planting a special tree, flower garden or rosebush that will continue to grow and mark the spot.

But before you dig, be sure the entire family participates in choosing the plot. Then follow these steps for a successful, special pet burial:
  • Do your research and make certain you are not digging near any wells, springs or water supplies, septic systems, ponds, underground pipes, cables or drains.  The last thing you want to have during a pet memorial is an enormous household accident.
  • Make sure you dig down at least three feet or more between the top of the casket and ground level to deter pests from digging at your gravesite. Also, if you’re planting a live memorial like a tree, allow extra depth for planting the root ball. Some concrete pet memorials placed on top of the soil where the casket is buried can serve as defense against digging from other animals; so can wrapping your pet in plastic.
  • Do bury your pet with their favorite toys, your favorite photos or wrap him in his favorite blanket so it stays close to him.
  • Make sure all members of your family who want to be present are present for the burial and allow everyone who wants to participate to do so in their own way.  Don’t rush this process!

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