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August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Are vitamins and nutritional supplements necessary to your pet’s health?

Only if your pet is old, ill or housebound with very limited taste, veterinarians agree he probably gets all the nutrients he needs from his food.  In fact, water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals are the essentials of a high-quality pet food, so check your labels.  Studies have shown, however, that pet vitamins can help improve your pet’s coat and promote teeth and bone health over the long term as long as it is supervised by a veterinarian.

Another great way to supplement your pet’s regular food is to read the label: does it include proteins like meat, poultry or fish, carbohydrates like rice and lots of veggies?  If not, add some cooked leftovers of the real thing in with his regular dry food (watch the fat and salt, though!).  You can even make your own pet food stew once a week using all your leftovers – just search the internet and look for recipes for one that suits you and your pet. Pet treats are also fun to make with wholesome ingredients at home and fun for children to feed to their pets.  Your pet will love you for it, plus he’ll be getting a more balanced diet because he’s eating lots of different things.

You can choose pet supplements in chewable, liquid and powder but only do so if advised by your veterinarian. But, watch out for the price and compare, compare, compare! You can also choose from natural or synthetic formulations or even an allergen-free variety. Your choice depends on the easiest way your dog will take it and what your veterinarian has recommended. Vitamins can be wrapped in a piece of food, put into your pet’s water or food bowl or even baked into a homemade treat.

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