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May 16, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Photocopy technology and offerings have come a long way in the last few years.  Photocopiers are no longer the large, slow and noisy machines that tend to cause more problems than solutions.  Today a wide range of copiers are available, both black and white as well as color models that offer superior speed, output and quality.

Other feature offerings include multiple feeder trays, collating, sorting and stapling functions to help any business improve their efficiency and productivity.  Some photocopiers allow files to be sent from the copier to your computer or other source, such as a fax machine.  Don’t worry about these machines being complicated to operate - digital touch-screen interface menus make copier operation easier than ever.  

Consumers need to determine which features are necessary for their home or office use and how much money they wish to spend.  Other considerations like space limitations, paper size requirements, and color choices should also be decided on before choosing a machine.

On top of the initial cost of the photocopier, consumers need to remember the cost of long-term maintenance.  Be sure to also check the warranty offerings, toner prices, and maintenance schedules for each machine.

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