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Protect Your Files from a Ransomware Hijacking

January 17, 2014

Hackers and malware developers

Hackers and malware developers are evolving into dangerously aggressive criminals. One of the latest trends taking hold of computers, and their owners, around the world is ransomware. 

How Ransomware Works

Ransomware is a malware that sneaks on to a person’s computer through vulnerabilities in popular software, such as Java®, Adobe Flash® Player and other similar programs. It can invade a computer system when a user inadvertently downloads a Trojan from a phishing email or a drive-by download.

Once in, ransomware will encrypt files or lock the entire system of an infected computer, making files or the system inaccessible. Ransomware hijackers then demand users pay them to have their files decrypted or system unlocked.

Types of Ransomware

The most recent and persistent ransomware is Cryptolocker. Targeting computers running Microsoft Windows®, Cryptolocker encrypts files using RSA public-key cryptography, which relies on two digital keys – one public and one private. Cryptolocker stores the private key, which is needed to decrypt the files, until payment is received.

Another ransomware variant expected to hit the market soon is PowerLocker. According to security researchers tracking threats on underground forums, and reported by PCWorld®, PowerLocker appears to be more sophisticated. This new malware could turn out to be more dangerous than Cryptolocker, if speculation about its plans to be sold to cybercriminals is true. Time will tell.

Keep Data Safe from Cybercriminals

Whether its Cryptolocker, PowerLocker or another variant of ransomware, there is a solution that can keep you safe from cybercriminals – Online Vault Backup.

This powerful, yet small, application allows users to back up and store all their files, photographs, videos, and other data safely on secure servers. All that’s needed to access files is a secure login and an Internet connection.

Online Vault Backup is available for PCs, laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices, too. You can try it free for 10 days to experience the ease and convenience.

With Online Vault Backup, you’ll never have to worry about losing your data again to ransomware, a computer crash, or any other disaster.

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