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Razer™ Naga© MMO Gamer Mouse

July 26, 2012

The IT review image focuses on Razer™ Naga© MMO

Razer™ is one of the most well-known mouse manufacturers, specializing in gaming mice and is commonly known among gamers.

The importance of a well performing mouse is paramount for gamers. Since most game interfaces or movements are mouse controlled, a proper choice is as essential as having a powerful graphics card or CPU for optimum game play. In much the same way as a gamer requires a smooth, fast game without freezes or lag times, he needs a quality mouse that facilitates game control.

The Razer™ Naga© is a top contender, having a MMO specification which is specially designed for massively multiplayer games. MMOs are very popular and many gamers are very excited to hear about the new Razer™ Naga© mouse. This model is not the first mouse designed specifically for MMO gamers,  earlier predecessors were used for World of Warcraft®, etc. The Razer™ Naga© mouse provides smooth control for games like World of Warcraft®, Lineage® II and League of Legends® mainly due to the sheer number of button configurations. The high sensitivity and resolution of the mouse is useful for action games players , but other users may find the buttons as a greater necessity.

Read on to take a closer look at this new mouse and explore its features.


At first glance, you’ll be impressed when you opened the box and see “Naga”, what can best be described as a divine creature with the body of a cobra, but its sleek, graceful curves and elegant rubber surface eventually bring you back to Earth and remind you that you are seeing a piece of hardware. Then you touch it to remove it out of its packaging, the rubber surface really feels luxurious in your hand and the grip of the mouse is very natural. The only possible issue with the grip is the need of a slightly raised ring finger, which is on the “spur” on the right side of the mouse. But getting used to it happens quickly.

The non-slip surface enables you to retain the same grip while lifting the mouse. The mouse cable is coated with a fabric and is sufficiently long.

The package also includes an envelope containing manuals, catalogs, some stickers, and a certificate of authenticity. Razer™ also provides adhesive rubber pads that can be placed on the buttons on the side of the mouse to be used as training points for function keys, identifying individual buttons until you gain familiarity.

Basic Parameters of the Razer™ Naga© MMO:

Number of buttons 17
Sensor type: 3.5G Laser Sensor
Dots per inch (DPI): 5.600
Tracking speed:                200 inches / second
Weight: 134g
Size: 116mm x 70mm x 46mm
Connection: USB

The number of buttons on the mouse is significant, because the mouse is destined to play MMORPG.  There are 17 buttons in total, 12 being located on the left side of the mouse and used for spells in the game, replacing many keys on the keyboard from "+" to backspace.

The mouse wheel is quite rough and rotates well, while the left and right buttons neatly fit the fingers. On the left side, are two additional buttons marked as "Forward" and "Backward", but they seem fairly inaccessible with rather poor click ability. The backlight is a nice decent blue.


  • Comfortable for MMOs
  • 17 programmable buttons
  • In-game button mapping
  • Includes training grid
  • Drivers for Mac® OS X® support
  • Surface is easy on the hand


  • Grid buttons 8-12 are hard to reach
  • MMO specialization is perceptible
  • "Forward" and "Backward" accessibility is difficult
  • Only software macros

Price: $79.99 (in time of writing this review)

Drivers are downloaded from the Razer™ support site. The user interface and settings for drivers is very clear and contains 5 tabs to set everything.

Razer Naga - MMO Gaming Mouse at Razer Online Store

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