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July 16, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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There’s a Trip for Every Type of Adventurer

There are no limits to where your RV can take you and your family. And you don’t always have to end up at a ready-made campground community; there are dozens of RV destinations around the country. Your RV can pretty much take you wherever your imagination wanders.

Wilderness Camping

While not every make and model is suited for off-road RVing, some vehicles are built specifically for this type of experience. Using solar power and eco-friendly supplies, you can live off the grid for weeks at a time. It’s the ultimate nomadic experience for those who want to get back to nature.

Wilderness Camping Lite

Maybe you’re not up for mountain climbing and whitewater rafting. Your RV can take you to wilderness destinations offering all the beauty of the untamed wild with casual hiking trails, calm lakes and terrific views.

Cross Country Trek

North America offers RVers the opportunity to experience a never ending journey of sightseeing, cultural activities and attractions. From the Pacific Coast to the Grand Canyon and east to Colonial Williamsburg and the Florida Keys, an RV can show you all that so many people miss in between.

Weekend Jaunts

You don’t have to spend weeks on the road to get the most out of an RV vacation. Long weekend adventures are made easier by the fact that you don’t have to book hotels or wait in line at restaurants when you travel in an RV. Go ahead and be impulsive. Take a short trip on a whim!

International Travel

RVs are not amphibious, of course. And taking one on an ocean liner is probably not a workable solution. But, with a little planning, you can fly to just about any destination in the world and rent an RV once you arrive. Remember that gas prices are higher in most locations outside North America.

With this same fly and rent concept in mind, you can cut the travel time of a Rhode Island to California trip substantially by flying into Los Angeles and finding an RV to use out there.

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