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RV Models and Features

July 16, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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Your Options For RV Travel

A used conversion van can be acquired for a couple thousand dollars and get you a whole lot closer to nature than you ever could on just two feet. Motor homes range in price from around $5,000 to well over $800,000, and can tax their owners with any number of hidden expenses. Some are built for off-road adventures. Others are destined to stay on the highway unless pulling off to set up camp for the night. You’ll find an exclusive line of high-end RVs that gets broader and more dynamic each and every year. This class of RV has already reached the million-dollar threshold, and buyers can expect to be treated to satellite GPS, Jacuzzi tubs, marble kitchen countertops and surround-sound home theater quality entertainment systems.

It goes without saying that the bigger the RV, the more expensive the price tag. It’s not just in the luxury items found on board, but also fuel costs and insurance. Storing these big beasts can also get rather expensive, since they aren’t likely to fit in your standard two-car garage.  

With so many RV models and features to choose from, interested buyers should conduct an honest needs assessment and keep an open mind to purchasing both new and used vehicles. RVing has experienced a dramatic increase in popularity over the past decade and is successfully branching out from the traditional senior segment to include middle aged people and even couples with young families. This popularity has translated into more variety, more options and cheaper basic models. Interestingly enough, these basic models now include features that were once considered extras. You can also bundle many luxury type features to get a better price. On the down side, increased popularity has fueled demand for quality used RVs, and competition for them can be fierce.

Regardless of size, features and capabilities, all RVs fall under two basic categories: Motorized and towable. Research and choose the type that best fits your needs. Whatever you decide, you’ll no doubt appreciate knowing that RVs are becoming the vacation vehicle of choice.

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