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Small Pet Care

August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Other small pets have been welcomed into many homes, including fish, reptiles, guinea pigs, birds, and rabbits. These small creatures provide great companionship and are sometimes easier to care for than a dog or cat. They may require a bit more preparation but small pet care is minimal.

Be sure to provide appropriate housing for your small pet. Consider the size of your pet and the space it requires to live comfortably. If you’re keeping more than one pet in the same space, make sure there’s plenty of room to accommodate all of them. Bedding, a place to sleep, exercise and eat and drink should be well thought out. Decide whether your small pet will be primarily kept indoors or outdoors and plan accordingly.

Provide your small pet with fresh food and water daily. They will certainly enjoy treats, but keep it occasional. Make sure the food you give is nutritionally appropriate for your small pet. Foods are available for small pets on special diets.

Your small pet will require exercise to maintain its health. Whether it’s burrowing, scampering, climbing tunneling or even gnawing, you’ll need to accommodate these activities with appropriate equipment, toys and materials. Allowing your small pet to do his favorite activity will help ensure a happy and healthy life.

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