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Smoke Eaters

May 23, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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Consumers may note a recent barrage of innovative air purification devices. One of these purifiers offers efficient performance as impressive as the hype associated with it: smoke eaters. Smoke eaters can be helpful at purifying air indoors.

What is a Smoke Eater?

Smoke eaters are hybrid purifiers that use ultraviolet light and electric charges to break down and separate smoke and other airborne particulates (even bacteria). Air is purified through the smoke eater in two steps:
Step 1) UV light decomposes and breaks up small particulates.
Step 2) A generator creates an electrostatic charge ionizing the remaining particles, keeping them from becoming airborne.

The Advantages

These are a few noted advantages to using a smoke eater as your filtration system:
  • There are no filters.
    • There is no continued cost for replacement.
    • There is no replacement hassle.
  • Most models are extremely efficient.
    • Some argue they are more efficient than famous HEPA systems.

The Drawbacks

Some of the noted drawbacks of the smoke-eater include:
  • Expensive up-front cost.
    • Portable unit costs average between $500-800.
  • Generators that produce the electrostatic charge often produce ozone.
    • Ozone in large amounts is unsafe for human consumption.
    • Review product specifications regarding ozone before purchase.

Smoke eaters have become popular and they have gained notoriety. As experimental technologies evolve, it is possible that in the future, a smoke eater that does not produce ozone will be standard in every home.

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