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The RV Mystique

July 16, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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Why It’s So Popular

RV goers literally enjoy “best of both worlds.” The RV mystique has attracted many who want to travel to pristine wilderness areas without having to sacrifice the luxury of a warm shower and comfortable bed. RV goers also have a roof over the head for foul weather and a fairly secure shelter from wild animals. So if you’re tired of sleeping on the hard ground and are ready to make an investment in camping with style, there’s a community of RV goers ready to welcome you. They’re a wonderful resource for travel attractions and route planning (because some roads aren’t exactly RV friendly).

There are all types of RV goers. Some are retirees with lots of time to explore the country. Some have young children who want to get out and experience new things. Others are just tired of the crowds at typical tourist attractions. Whatever your reason for trying it, an RV can provide that home-made vacation you’ve been dreaming about. So pick the destination, map a scenic route and decide on as many or as few stops as you want. In your own RV, there are no time restrictions. You don’t have to follow the strict deadlines of a guided tour. In fact, you can stop at any quirky little place you want.

Passing through LeRoy, New York, you may want to take in the Jell-O Museum. If you’re traveling near Baltimore, Maryland, maybe a visit to the Museum of Dentistry is in order; or maybe not. You can stay as long as you like, or not at all. There’s no one keeping you to a pre-determined schedule or herding passengers back on the bus. All the sights and sounds of the entire country are yours to experience as you see fit.

Affordable Traveling Freedom

Even with today’s high gas prices, traveling by RV remains a relative bargain. Booking a cruise or traveling by air becomes more expensive when fuel prices rise. Airlines even cut back on meals and let you to take less luggage. So instead of getting more for your money, you get even less. In an RV, you’re the captain of your own cross-country voyage. That freedom allows you to compensate for the extra price of gas in any number of ways.

In your RV, you’ll enjoy all the comforts of home along with the virtually unlimited mobility of a car. And you won’t be limited by trunk space since RVs are typically designed to hold as much as a normal sized bedroom. You also have conveniences like stoves, heat, air conditioning, a shower, refridgerator. Yes, even the kitchen sink. Bring along your dog or cat. It’s your home. You make the rules!

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