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Three Season Tents

July 29, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

In the world of camping, three season tents are generally the most popular. The average person rarely camps for more than three seasons – which makes this type of tent perfect for most. Still, it is crucial to realize that three season tents are for spring, summer, and fall. Winter weather is often vigorous, which can be deadly for anyone who tries to use it during this time. In most cases, three season tents are perfect for weather during the months of May through early December. From thunder and lightening storms to intense dry heat and even torrential down pours – these tents will protect you from all extremes. Surprisingly, they are also designed to shelter you from cool weather and sticky humid temperatures.

Have you ever seen a tent that has an umbrella shape on the top? This is called a rainfly, which is meant to protect your tent from heat, UV rays, and even precipitation. This is one of the most preferred features, as it is a great tarp when it’s too chilly. Moreover, it can be tucked up completely when it gets too warm. In addition to the umbrella, three season tents also contain mesh inner bodies. These are used to cut down condensation and will prevent any from seeping inside. Seeing as these tents are geared towards the warmer seasons, they are much lighter and more compact. Though they are do-able when there is a light snowfall, most would recommend that you purchase a four season tent if you are going to be camping during the winter.

If you love to camp during the warmer months, a three season tent is the perfect fit. Only weighing an average of 5 pounds, it is generally light weight. Looking for a fun and vibrant way to camp? Fortunately, three season tents also come in an array of colors, sizes, and materials. With an abundance of choices to select, it should not be a problem to find a favorite.

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