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Top Apps for Your Mental Health

July 14, 2015

Top health apps

Mobile devices have greatly impacted a lot of fields, including medicine, that have become increasingly popular. Numerous medical software applications (apps) gradually appeared in the market to assist their consumers with many significant tasks, such as medical consulting, health information, patient monitoring, training and education, etc.

Top health apps were recommended in the long-term HealthTap study based on certain criteria; e.g. medical validity of the app, the app’s utility and usability. Here are the best five apps for Android and iOS:

It is worth pointing out the two big players on the scene as well; i.e. Google Fit and Apple Health apps, however, both are slightly left in the shade by the apps mentioned earlier. Both apps are able to gather data from the sensor inside a smartphone, as well as both companies offer their own smartwatches for their consumers. Google Fit and Apple Health unfortunately give a hard time to their users in terms of piping data to the third-party apps. Both apps’ features are also limited in what and how they cover it; e.g. activity, weight and heart rate tracking, these are just the basic tools, though dozens more can be added manually. In short, these two giants are stuck in the starting line-up and can offer potential to expand and revamp their functionalities.

There are thousands of health apps to choose from and the ones listed above are just a few of them. On one hand this new technology gives the consumers control of their health and access to a large amount of information, on the other hand the users must be careful in making decisions based on the data provided on their little devices – nothing is ever black and white.

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