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Use Potato Water for Washing the Floors, Beauty, and Insecticide

April 20, 2016

water from your boiled potatoes

Think twice before pouring the water from your boiled potatoes down the drain. Both raw potato juice and the water from boiled potatoes can be essential for your health and beauty, and they also can help with cleaning and killing aphids. Let’s take a closer look at the potato water first and, if you like it, our next article will focus on the benefits of raw potato juice.

What to Do with the Water after Boiling Potatoes

Have you ever thought of doing something with the water that is left after boiling potatoes? In some recipes it is used as an ingredient, like for soups or gravy, but we have other tips as well. The cooked potato water is rich in magnesium and potassium (although raw potatoes are richer), and it can be used for numerous purposes.

Excellent Cleaner

Drain the salty hot water off the potatoes and use it to clean burnt pots and polishing glass and cutlery. It also works on the burnt glass top of the stove. You can use it as a cleaning agent to wipe dull linoleum or vinyl floors — they will look like new.

Beauty Activator

If you cook potatoes without adding salt, use the lukewarm water as a rinse for your hair – it will turn beautiful and shiny!

For slow hair dying and getting rid of grey hair, cook a handful of potato peels for 30 minutes in half a gallon of water, remove the peels, and use the cool water for rinsing your hair after shampooing and conditioning. You can store it in an old shampoo bottle for later use. (You can also try the same with the green walnut peels.)

Health Agent

Upset stomach or a hangover? Calm it with salty potato water, including a bit of cumin. Drink it during the day but use teaspoon-sized doses.

Drinking one glass of cooked potato water per week is sufficient for gradually dewatering and reducing the acidity of the body. Try to also use it as gargle to heal inflammations in the oral cavity and as a treatment for periodontitis.

Natural Aphids Pesticide

And here is a great tip for how to control aphids organically and without using toxic sprays. Cook potatoes without salt, let the water cool down, put it into a sprayer, and spray the plants. It will keep the aphids away. It’s completely natural, it works, and it is cheap on top of it all!

Have you tried any of the above tips? Let us know your experience and any other tips you can add. 

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