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Warm Weather Tents

July 29, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

When most of us think of camping, we normally envision sleeping under the stars and being smothered by warm air. For the majority of outdoor lovers, the summer months are prime times to enjoy nature. Though most of us think that a simple sleeping bag will do the trick, it actually takes a bit more effort to truly be comfortable. Warm weather tents, for example, are designed especially for the nights that everyone loves.

Let’s face it -- summer is filled with humid and dry conditions. If you are planning on braving this weather, it is important that you have a tent that will keep you cool. Fortunately, warm weather tents have an abundance of ventilation, allowing you to feel the breeze, even when you sleep. This undeniably prevents humid air from getting into your tent. Mesh roofs and doors are also quite common, as well as bug prevention nets. After all, we know how difficult it can be to deal with mosquitoes and flies.  

Another advantage to having a warm weather tent is that it is extremely light weight. No longer do you have to worry about lugging a massive piece of equipment around. It is easy to both pack up and set up. Moreover, they are inexpensive yet still spacious! While this sounds like quite a convenience, they do not always come with many features. Seeing as they are so lightweight, warm weather tents are less water proof. Still, for those who enjoy camping during the summer months – this is a perfect selection. It is imperative to remember that warm weather tents are specifically for warm weather. You will have to purchase an additional tent canopy or another tent if you are planning on camping in colder weather.

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