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Weekly Internet Security Tips

October 12, 2012

Internet Security Tips is a weekly series

We’re excited to inform you that we have prepared a series of special posts for PCRx Security Suite visitors and Resource Center readers called Weekly Internet Security Tips. In this series we, your security team, will provide information about possible network threats and general security knowledge. We intend to deliver you a weekly article in which our PCRx Security Team will inform you about actual problems and how to avoid them, or we will share our knowledge about safety rules, new attacks, paid and free security applications, how effective available security solutions are, how to protect your operating system, backup your data, etc. The purpose of these posts is to keep our users educated about Internet security rules and therefore help them ensure the security of their personal information and avoid data loss.

The PCRx security team consists of spyware, adware and virus database administrators for Spyware Terminator 2012, PCRx System Optimizer operators, programmers and issue analyzers, storage and backup developers. We consult with Microsoft® specialists and security applications developers to ensure all the information we provide you with is top quality.

We would like to invite you to participate in this weekly series, where we hope you’ll find useful information which you might share with your friends over social networks, through email or via instant messenger. We certainly welcome and appreciate your comments, respect your opinions, and look forward to any ideas you might have for future articles.  

Planned Internet Security Tips topics for upcoming weeks:

  • Internet Security Basics – Internet Browser
  • Internet Security Basics – Safe Websites
  • Internet Security Basics – Trustworthy Information
  • Internet Security Basics – Personal Data Sharing
  • Internet Security Basics – Virtual Friends
  • Internet Security Basics – Hoaxes
  • Internet Security Basics – Emails
  • Internet Security Basics – Passwords
  • Internet Security Basics – Be a Smarter User
  • Internet Security Tips for Social Networks
  • Internet Security Tips for Parents
  • Internet Security Tips for Employees
  • Internet Security Tips for Children
  • Internet Security Tips for Gamers
  • Internet Security Tips for Smartphones
  • Internet Security Tips – Data Protection
  • Internet Security Software – Free Antivirus Software
  • Internet Security Software – Paid Antivirus Software
  • Internet Security Software – Anti-spyware Software
  • Internet Security Software – Firewalls
  • Internet Security Software – Operating System Protection
  • Internet Security Software – Data Backup and Restoration
  • Internet Security Software – System Optimizers

We will prepare the topics mentioned above for future publication. You can speak to us about the order in which you’d like to see them appear, you can suggest different topics that are more interesting for you, or you can simply let us know how we’re doing. Just use our Facebook® comments section below or write an email to resourcecenter@pcrx.com address.

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