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What Multimedia Applications Should My New Computer Have

July 09, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

free multimedia applications

You can outfit your new computer or laptop with many free applications or trial versions that are usually preinstalled by the manufacturer. This article focuses on multimedia software that enables you to play video files, audio files, communicate over the Internet, and edit images and photos. All these applications have one thing in common; they are freeware and you can download and install them all without any payment. Many of them have been mentioned in other articles, but this article summarizes free multimedia applications that are available to install on a new computer or when you reinstall your operating system in your current system.

Free Multimedia Application list:

  1. Internet Communicators
    You can use popular communicators like Facebook®, Twitter® or any other social network, but there are applications available for voice and text communication, such as:

    Skype® - Call, video call and instant messaging, read the article on the installation of Skype®.

    ICQ® – Instant messaging and more, read the article on downloading and using ICQ®.

    Yahoo!® Messenger
    – A multimedia communicator from Yahoo!®

    Miranda© IM – An open-source, multi-protocol, instant messenger client.
  2. Video Media Players
    If you want to use one software to play video files in various formats with subtitles, then choose one of these:

    VLC® Media Player- Read the article on playing MP4 videos.

    - Based on the original "Media Player Classic" SourceForge® project created by Gabest.

    MPlayer© – Multi-format and multi-systems media player.
  3. Audio Media Players
    You can use Windows Media® Player for this purpose or any video player mentioned above, but there are some specialized applications available, such as:

    Winamp – Probably the most popular audio player of all.

    Crawler Media & MP3 Player – Easy play and record, read the article on getting a simple media player.

    - Advanced freeware audio player for the Windows® platform.
  4. Photo editing software
    Many free photo viewing and editing applications can remove red eye, resize the image, crop it, rotate or enhance the color, contrast and brightness, such as:

    Picasa® - Edit and share your photos, read the article on getting free photo editing software.

    - One of the most popular viewers in the world.

    XnView© – An efficient multimedia viewer, browser and converter.

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