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What Things Should I Focus On When Buying a Used Smartphone

May 18, 2015  |  Difficulty: Easy

 buying a used smartphone

It is the same for all customer goods that if you buy it used the price is considerably reduced, but of course it brings several risks. Because the market with smartphone is rapidly growing, people tend to change devices quite often and it causes that the high-end models can be bought in used conditions much cheaper that if you buy it brand new. Because of this reason people take the risks, but you have to always take into account that this “second-hand” type of purchase may bring you minor or major troubles because of hidden defects if you face the unfair seller. Anyway, in this article I try to bring you several points that you should focus on when you are buying a used smartphone.

Tips for buying a used smartphone:

  1. Device Condition – Ask the seller for as many detailed photos as possible of the smartphone and try to see any scratches or broken edges of the device. Of course, the used smartphone will usually have some “marks of usage” and it depends on you if you care about them or not.
    Note: a good seller does not have a problem to show you the real condition of the phone.
  2. Display Condition – It is same as for the whole device, but the display is the most important part the phone. I recommend to get a smartphone with a display that has had the screen protection foil all the time.
  3. Warranty and obvious origin (distribution) – It is logical that a smartphone with a warranty from an authorized reseller has its value. I strongly recommend to buy smartphones that were bought from an official distributor of the brand with at least 3 months warranty remaining. If anything gets broken on the phone you will have a much better communication with a stable and branded store.
  4. Seller History – If you buy a smartphone on auction servers check the seller’s reputation and his previous sales. Do not buy handsets from a new or seller with a bad sales history – people usually write negative comments to all unsatisfied purchases.
  5. Suspicious price – Do not trust suspiciously low prices as there is usually some kind of problem that you cannot reveal from your position – online purchases.  Remember that nobody would  sell any goods under its real price consciously.
  6. If possible, test the product before buying it – if you can make the purchase personally do it, no photo can 100% tell you the real state of the gadget.
  7. Be sure you get the necessary accessories.

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