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Dorm Decor: Duvets and Comforters For Less Than $30

We scoured popular home goods stores and rounded up inexpensive 10 duvets and comforters, so your not-so-little one will sleep soundly.

Betting Big: New Hotels Go All In on Las Vegas Strip

New players are betting big bucks that the northern Las Vegas Strip could provide the city’s next jackpot.

Who's Driving That Tanker? New Sailing Rules Emerge

A quarter-century after the Exxon Valdez gushed oil into Alaskan waters, new rules for shipping crews might prevent a similar disaster in the Arctic.

Goldman Sachs Reaches $3.15 Billion Settlement

The agreement will resolve claims that Goldman Sachs misled U.S. mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac about risky mortgage securities.

How You Might Win in the War Between Cell Phone Carriers

It’s game on between Sprint and T-Mobile. With a saturated market, they are slashing prices on unlimited plans to try and lure you away from the competition.

Hold the Mustard! It's the World's Priciest Hot Dog

Seattle’s Tokyo Dog food truck offering includes toppings such as foie gras, shaved black truffles and caviar

Stocks Slip on Ukraine Crisis, Yellen Comments

Stocks slid as NATO said there was an increase in Russian forces near Ukraine and after Fed Chair Janet Yellen urged caution in raising interest rates.

Google's Self-Driving Cars to Get Steering Wheels

California rules for testing of autonomous vehicles require that a driver be able to take “immediate physical control” in case something goes wrong.

Oregon Sues Oracle Over Failed Health Care Website

The lawsuit filed Friday in Marion County Circuit Court seeks more than $200 million in damages.

Ice Bucket Challenge Is Now a Halloween Costume

For every costume purchased, $10 of each $39.99 order will go to the ALS Association.

Comedic Customer Complaints Get More Attention

A study forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Research finds that humorous complaints get more attention.

Annual Burning Man Event Brings Big Bucks to Businesses

Burning Man has turned into a major moneymaker for the local transportation industry in an area that's known for its high concentration of casinos.

Yellen Urges Fed Caution on Interest Rate Hikes

Labor remains hampered by effects of the Recession and the Federal Reserve should move cautiously to raise interest rates, Fed chief Janet Yellen said

American Air to Charge for Solo Kids up to 14

American Airlines announced it was extending the age range for which it charges a $150 unaccompanied minor fee.

Nearing 60? Don't Skimp on Retirement Savings

Tips for maximizing your retirement, even if you're running out of time.

Stocks Down, Markets Eye Signs From Yellen

Stocks opened lower as tensions between Russia and Ukraine flared and as investors looked to a speech later by Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen.

Back-to-School: Be Your Kids' Money Coach

Use this annual shopping spree as an opportunity to give kids a crash course in cash.

Fixing Ferguson: What Locals Say They Need to Survive

Despair and disparity were long building in Ferguson, say three residents who explain how their town became a place of rage.

New Technology May Help Stop ATM Skimming Fraud

American ATM manufacturer Diebold has developed technology it claims will stop card skimming, the most common type of ATM fraud.

1.5 Million Solar-Panel Systems Recalled

SolarWorld is recalling the systems because incorrect grounding lugs could lead to corrosion and an electric shock, electrocution or fire hazard.

United Looks to Lure Top Fliers -- With Food

To win the hearts of frequent business travelers, United Airlines is going through their stomachs.

Dow Climbs Over 17,000 Ahead of Yellen Speech

Stocks climbed, as investors anticipated a moderate tone from Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen when she talks about the labor market on Friday.

Nutella Denies Shortage Rumors

The makers of Nutella said that soaring hazelnut prices won't hurt the availability of its chocolate spread.

Aww Nuts! Could There Be a Nutella Shortage?

Spread the word, Nutella prices could be under pressure.

Las Vegas Offers All but Marriage to Gay Tourists

While gay couples still can't get married in Nevada, Las Vegas wants them to know that they — and their money — are welcome.

Craze or Crazy? $900 Cupcake Is Topped With Gold

A Toronto bakery recently whipped up a $900 cupcake for a customer who wanted to buy "something special" for his wife's 40th birthday.

Helmet Cam Shows NFL Coaches What the Players See

Coaches often talk about getting into a player's head. A newly-developed helmet cam is poised to help them do that.

Ford Warns Dealers About Models Made Last Week

Ford has told dealers to stop test-driving and selling C-Max and Focus models produced this month because of potential steering problems.

Ford Warns Dealers About Models Built Last Week

Ford has told dealers to stop test-driving and selling C-Max and Focus models produced this month because of potential steering problems.

Beware of 'Pension Predators' Promising Quick Cash

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