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Dutch Police Hint at Criminal Activity in Women's Disappearance

Two Dutch women who disappeared earlier this month in Panama are unlikely to have gotten lost in the mountainous region, Dutch police said on Tuesday, raising the possibility three weeks into the search that the two may have been the victims of a crime.

Ukraine Orders New Military Operation in the East

Ukraine's acting president ordered security forces to resume operations in the country's east on Tuesday after the bodies of two people allegedly abducted by pro-Russia insurgents were found and a military aircraft was reportedly hit by gunfire.The developments — just hours after U.S.

'Save Us': Boy Sends Ferry's First Distress Call

Investigators says the first emergency call wasn’t made by the crew, but by a frightened boy.

Biden Blames Moscow for Ukraine's Unrest

To counter the Russian troops along Ukraine’s border, the Pentagon is sending 600 U.S. soldiers to neighboring Baltic nations.

Rare Color Film Transports You to 1964 World's Fair

The brilliant Edwin Newman brought an open mind and droll wit to an NBC special about the 1964 New York World’s Fair. The documentary, "A World's Fair Diary," will take you back in time and on a tour of what many call the last great World’s Fair.

Mitchell: Pivoting to Asia is No Easy Task

As President Obama begins his long-delayed trip to the Pacific, unrest in Ukraine and Syria, along with local tensions between China, Japan, North and South Korea, all threaten to undermine the White House's objectives. Andrea Mitchell reports.

Sun Sets Over South Korea Ferry Disaster Site

The sun sets as crews continue searching for bodies onboard a South Korea ferry that sank nearly a week ago.The official death toll surpassed 100 early on Tuesday — but nearly 200 bodies are still believed to be trapped inside.

Israel Encouraging More Christians to Join Military Service

JERUSALEM — Israel said on Tuesday it was stepping up efforts to encourage military enlistment by Christian Arab citizens, a community long closer to the larger Muslim minority in identifying with the Palestinians.

American Journalist Detained in Eastern Ukraine

An American journalist is being held by unidentified local authorities in eastern Ukraine, NBC News has confirmed.Simon Ostrovsky, a reporter and producer for Vice News, was detained with five other journalists Monday night in the city of Slaviansk. The five others were released.

Sherpas Consider Mount Everest Boycott

Sherpas consider boycott on Everest climb in honor of their colleagues who were killed last week in an avalanche.

Angry Sherpas to Ditch Mount Everest Following Tragedy

Many of the Sherpas mountain guides — whom climbers depend on to scale Mount Everest — have decided to boycott the rest of the climbing season, which was set to run through May, leaving mountaineers at base camp uncertain about what will happen next.

Will and Kate Continue Tour With Romantic Evening

The royal couple take in a sunset at Uluru where they will spend the night without George.

Syria's Foreign Fighters Use Social Media As Recruitment Tool

A new video posted on YouTube claims to show a British jihadist in Syria touring a militant base and unveiling the austere living conditions of extremist fighters there.“We wanted to show you the basic living of the brothers in this base,” says the man in the video with a distinct English accent.

Kim Jong Un Childhood Photos Revealed by North Korea

Childhood images of Kim Jong Un appeared on a screen during a performance by the Moranbong Band broadcast on North Korean Central Television. The event marked the first meeting of Kim and the North's Air Force soldiers. All of the images of the young leader show him dressed in a military uniform.

Russian Supporters Egg Ukrainians in Donetsk

Increasing tensions in eastern Ukraine played out on the streets of Donetsk when pro-Russia supporters threw eggs as supporters of Ukrainian presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko outside a regional government building.U.S.

State Dept. Taking Syrian Chlorine Reports 'Seriously'

U.S. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki addresses reports that the Syrian regime may have recently used chlorine as a weapon on civilians.

Rhino Horns Worth $5.2M Stolen in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG — Rhino horn stock piles worth over $5.2 million have been stolen from a South African game park office, the raided tourist agency said on Tuesday, in the first known theft of its kind.

U.S. Stepping Up Military Exercises in Baltic Nations

Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby talks about sending additional troops to the Baltic nations this week in response to the situation in eastern Ukraine.

U.S. Troops Bound to Bolster Baltics

In response to Russia's recent actions in Ukraine, the U.S. military will send about 600 soldiers to several nations on the Baltic Sea for training and exercises over the next week.

Russia Hits Back at Biden: We Are Ready for 'Unfriendly Steps'

Russia hit back at tough talk by Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday, saying it could cope if the White House imposed further sanctions over its actions in Ukraine.

Afghan Election Runoff Likely, Early Results Suggest

KABUL - Afghanistan’s presidential elections look likely to go to a runoff between an ex-minister and World Bank executive after voting figures on Tuesday suggested no clear winner has emerged.With 50 percent of votes counted so far it is still not clear who will succeed President Hamid Karzai.

Ukraine Mourns Civilians Slain in Gun Fight

Ukrainians attended the funeral ceremony of three men killed on April 20 in the eastern city of Slovyansk on Tuesday, after a fatal gun battle erupted near a makeshift checkpoint manned by pro-Russian separatists.

Angry Sherpas to Ditch Everest Following Tragedy

KATMANDU, Nepal — Most Sherpas mountain guides have decided to leave Mount Everest, a guide said, confirming a walkout certain to disrupt a climbing season that was already marked by grief over the lives lost last week in Everest's deadliest disaster.

Russian Cadets Train in Weapons and Patriotism

School teaches military and patriotic classes alongside normal syllabus.

Demonstrators Locked in Flag Standoff

Pro-Russian and Ukrainian demonstrators face each other in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk.

Boy's Phone Call Was First Sign of Korea Ferry Disaster

The first distress call from a sinking South Korean ferry was made by a boy with a shaking voice, three minutes after the vessel made its fateful last turn, authorities said Tuesday.

Cuban-American Leaders Helped U.S. With 'Cuban Twitter'

Leaders of a prominent Cuban-American non-profit quietly provided strategic support for the federal government's "Cuban Twitter" program, the Associated Press reports.Leaders at Roots of Hope, which seeks to build bridges between Cubans in the U.S.

Biden Talks Tough on Crimea

During a visit to Kiev Vice President Joe Biden has stated that the US “will never recognize Russia’s illegal occupation of Crimea.”

Nepal Agrees to Sherpa Demands as Everest Strike Looms

KATHMANDU, Nepal — Nepal agreed Tuesday to set up a relief fund for Sherpas who are killed or injured in climbing accidents, one of several key concessions to the mountain guides after Mount Everest's deadliest disaster.

Biden Urges Ukraine to Unite Against 'Humiliating Threats'

Vice President Joe Biden told Ukrainian political leaders Tuesday that the United States stands with them against the "humiliating threats" they face. News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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