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The Guardian (U.K.) 

Why is buying an Apple Watch such a massive fuss?

You can’t actually purchase an Apple Watch in an Apple Store, only in a few high-end boutique shops. And the resulting experience is a pretty awkward oneBuying an Apple Watch is a strange experience. At least in the opening few months, it’s tricky to even do at all: you can’t simply walk into a shop with £300 and walk out with a watch. Instead, at least in Apple Stores, you book an appointmen

Ebay boss on Google EU antitrust case: 'We are a strong commerce competitor'

Google cited Ebay as part of ‘a ton of competition’ in the online shopping world, and chief executive John Donahoe agreesEbay chief executive John Donahoe has spoken out over the EU antitrust investigation into Google, agreeing with the search giant’s claim that his company is a strong competitor for it in the online shopping sector.Donahoe’s comments have been seen as backing for Google o

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 introduces co-op campaign and cyber-soldiers

Developer Treyarch promises to modernise the Call of Duty experience with open environments and a ‘specialist’ soldier system for multiplayerCall of Duty is not going “open world” – not yet. But with Black Ops 3, the third title in the covert war spin-off series, it is taking a small step in that direction. As leaked by Call of Duty (CoD) news site CharlieIntel on Friday, this year’s CoD i

Children's app review: Monster Mingle

Developer Cowly Owl’s creative iOS app will delight pre-school kids as they explore its colourful world of customisable beastiesMonsters under the bed aren’t, generally, much fun for children. Monsters on a nearby tablet or smartphone? That’s more like it. And that’s exactly what kids get with a new app called Monster Mingle.This iPhone and iPad app is the work of British developer Chris O

Why Europe needs a digital regulator

Citizens, governments and technology startups deserve a regulator to keep the monopolistic instincts of the Googles, Facebooks, Amazons and Apples at bayDigital monopolies are growing fast. Investors demand nothing less. But shouldn’t we, as citizens, demand something, too? Shouldn’t we have some recourse if Facebook decides to manipulate an election, or Googledisappears a favourite firm f

Facebook isn’t a charity. The poor will pay by surrendering their data

Silicon Valley holds out the promise of connectivity for all. But there’s a price to payLuxury is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed. Such, at any rate, is the provocative argument put forward by Hal Varian, Google’s chief economist. Recently dubbed “the Varian rule”, it states that to predict the future, we just have to look at what rich people already have and assume that

YouTube star Stampy mixes Minecraft and education in Wonder Quest show

Joseph Garrett’s feline alter-ego is a superstar for kids, but he’s happily under the radar for adults: ‘Mainstream approval is something I’m not interested in’Joseph Garrett isn’t famous. He’s a gamer and video producer in his mid twenties, who leads a quiet life well away from the tabloid spotlight.His alter-ego, though, is a superstar. Albeit one more likely to be spotted falling off a

Instagram for doctors: how Figure 1 is crowdsourcing diagnoses

The medical photo-sharing app lets doctors and medical staff send images of diseases and injuries safely Where do doctors turn when even they don’t know what’s wrong with you? Colleagues? Books? The internet? A Canadian startup wants to make the answer an Instagram for doctors.Figure 1 is an app that allows iPhone and Android-owning doctors to share images of diseases, injuries and everyth

Life Is Strange: episodic video games prove as addictive as episodic TV

Games structured like prestige TV shows present unique difficulties – having to essentially build different games – but also unique opportunities: ‘It’s really cool to be able to react to what your community likes about it as you’re making it’“Games with female protagonists will not sell.” That was the refrain most often fielded by Oskar Guilbert, CEO of Dontnod Entertainment, when he pitc

Crowdfunding a war: Ukraine's DIY drone-makers

In a David versus Goliath-like battle, Ukrainian forces look to private companies and crowdfunded volunteer organisations to develop defence software and drone hardware in their fight against RussiaWe arrived in Krasnoarmiysk, Ukraine, at 3am. Two soldiers wearing balaclavas and holding Kalashnikov assault rifles came out to meet us, instructing us to suit up in body armour and stay alert dur

The game that takes on the Nazis: 'I wanted to show Poland's heroism'

Seven Days of Westerplatte is a passion project highlighting Polish resistance in the second world war – despite its creator being born 44 years after it finishedOn 1 September, 1939, the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein opened fire on the Polish military depot at Westerplatte. The attack marked the beginning of Hitler’s invasion of Poland, and with it the second world war.For the smal

Google admits mistakes with news outlets as it announces new partnership

The Digital News Initiative is likely to be seen as an attempt for Google to improve its image after recently being accused of anti-competitive behaviour Continue reading...

Azure Striker Gunvolt/Mighty Gunvolt review – a retro action rollercoaster

A superb modern take on the side-scrolling platformer Continue reading...

Mortal Kombat X review – grotesquely engrossing action

The ultra-violent fighting game takes another step forward with this technically impressive and inventive title Continue reading...

Should I buy an electric car?

I’d like to change my fossil fuel car for a pure electric one. Will this make a difference? Continue reading...

Tesla's $13,000 battery could keep your home online in a blackout

Elon Musk has hinted at device to be unveiled this week, and analyst Trip Chowdhry sees big benefits for those who ‘always want to be connected’ Continue reading...

Supermodels join drive for women to embrace coding

Karlie Kloss and Lily Cole inspiring girls to shake up male world of tech enthusiasts Continue reading...

Apple Watch: 20 apps worth trying on launch day – in their developers' words

From apps like Citymapper, Evernote, Pacemaker and Circa to games like War Dragons and Cupcake Dungeon, here are some early suggestions• As Apple Watch launches, smartwatch app makers explore new interfaces Continue reading...

Mortal Kombat X review

PS3/4, Xbox 360/One, PC; Warner Bros Interactive; £29.99-£42.99 Continue reading...

Audi TT – car review

‘On the way up a hill you feel like a fell runner, lean and superhuman; on the way down, like a hang glider, unbounded by boring friction’ Continue reading...

Sheryl Sandberg: employee with cancer prompted free egg-freezing policy

Facebook COO explains for the first time why the company controversially decided to pay up to $20,000 for female employees to freeze their eggs Continue reading...

Samsung Galaxy S6 review: the iPhone killer

With its super-fast processor, brilliant camera and wireless charging, Samsung’s latest flagship is the best phone it’s ever made The Galaxy S6 is the latest flagship Android smartphone from Samsung, a design-focused all-metal and glass powerhouse with one of the best cameras to date.The S6 comes in two varieties: one traditional flat smartphone and one with curved edges to the screen, the

Webbys haul of 10 awards for Vice Media

Half of media company’s awards from public vote in contest known for recognising excellence on the internet Continue reading...

Even hackers are concerned Obama's and Clinton's emails remain vulnerable

Russian hackers infiltrating White House email system last year raises ‘red flag’ that Obama’s BlackBerry and Clinton’s ‘home brew’ system are also susceptible Continue reading...

EE approaches 10m 4G mobile phone customers

Telecoms group, which is being taken over by BT for £12bn, attributes success to double-speed 4G internet Continue reading...

Jay Z says Tidal is doing 'just fine'

The rapper and mogul defends the streaming service’s turbulent start, asking followers to ‘give us a chance to grow & get better’ Continue reading...

Recession rich: Britain's wealthiest double net worth since crisis

Richest 1,000 families control total of £547bn, rising by more than 112% since 2009, and own more than poorest 40% of British households Continue reading...

Russian hackers read unclassified Obama emails – report

*Breach of White House systems was acknowledged earlier this month*New York Times says hack ‘far more worrisome’ than had been thought Continue reading...

Game on: after Marvel’s Avengers, Nintendo’s stars could be next to hit the big screen

The man behind _Avengers: Age of Ultron _has hopes of creating another unbeatable movie team with Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and co Continue reading...

Jack Monroe Twitter abuse: man re-bailed

A 22-year-old man from Yeovil was arrested after food writer, blogger and campaigner was bombarded with homophobic abuse on Twitter Continue reading... News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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