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The Guardian (U.K.) 

MPs say they need 'serious discussion' with social networks over users' data

All-party committee demands clearer terms and conditions, and suggests global ‘kitemark’ for responsible servicesSocial networks should simplify their terms and conditions, to ensure that their users fully understand how their personal data will be collected and used, MPs have concluded.A report by the Commons science and technology committee calls for the British government to work with t

European commission divided on issue of net neutrality

A senior EU executive has criticised Italian proposals to weaken net neutrality within the common marketThe European commission’s vice president for the digital single market has expressed his concern over Italian proposals to give network providers the ability to offer different speeds to different sites.Andrus Ansip, the former Estonian prime minister, said he was “really worried” about

Instagram users turn flash into cash, as companies eye new advertising market

Growing number of users making career of photo-sharing hobby as brands see app as gateway to younger audienceSeen through the filter of Instagram, the world is a beautiful place: high-contrast blue skies; sepia-tinted sunsets; exquisite plates of food and raindrops sliding down windows in perfect formation. It may be a manipulated perspective on life, but 200 million people across the world now

Syrian electronic army 'hacks' Independent, OK Magazine and NHL

The SEA is claiming to have hacked a number of sites, but evidence points to an ad network at the heart of the attacksThe websites of the Independent, the Daily Telegraph, OK magazine, the London Evening Standard and America’s National Hockey League have been “hacked” by the Syrian Electronic Army, the pro-Assad Syrian hacker group. A portion of visitors to all those sites are presented wi

Serial podcast: why is sponsor MailChimp getting so much attention?

The advert for the true-crime podcast has become a hit with fans – and much parodied – but what exactly _is_ MailChimp? It’s the cultural phenomenon everybody is talking about. It’s loved, it’s hated, it’s intriguing, it’s annoying and it’s genius. It’s … the MailChimp advert.The 19-second ad is the first thing everyone hears at the beginning of Sarah Koenig’s Serial podcast, and while the

GCHQ's 'jihad on tech firms' can only fail

Bullying the US tech firms could disrupt constructive ways to track terrorism - and force companies to channel requests through lengthy international legal processesSome will have assumed this week’s headlines blaming Facebook for Lee Rigby’s murder were just the usual spin, diverting the attention from the agencies’ own incompetence. Yet it is part of a growing pattern. Continue reading...

GoPro tipped to launch consumer drones as FAA mulls aviation risks

Camera-maker set to diversify into drones, but near-collisions with planes are worrying aviation authoritiesDaredevil videos shot using GoPro’s range of wearable cameras are increasingly popular on YouTube, but now the company is reportedly working on another way to capture startling footage: drones.GoPro will launch its first consumer drones late in 2015, according to the Wall Street Jour

What have we learned from the Uber privacy debate? Open thread

Have your say on the American Civil Liberties Union’s lessons, plus eBay’s magic mirrors, Anita Sarkeesian, and a new way to respond to rape threats on FacebookTaxi-app firm Uber has been fielding plenty of criticism this month, after one of its executives’ claims that the company might plough money into investigating its critics within the media were reported, then another was caught accessi

European parliament votes yes on ‘Google breakup’ motion

Parliamentarians have called for European commission to consider unbundling Google’s search from other services as part of antitrust regulationThe European parliament has approved a motion calling for tougher regulation of internet search, including suggesting breaking up Google as a solution to its dominance in Europe.The motion passed as expected by 384 votes to 174 with 56 MEPs abstaini

Twitter scanning users' other apps to help deliver 'tailored content'

Social network stresses that its new data collection initiative can be turned off by people who feel uneasy about itTwitter’s moves to insert tweets into people’s timelines from accounts they don’t follow have been controversial enough, but now it has emerged that the company is collecting data on their other smartphone apps to help do it.In a post on the company’s support website, Twitter

YouTube: from Janet Jackson's boob to a binary black hole – video

Digital disruptor Ollie Peart embarks on an interstellar journey around YouTube that begins with a Janet Jackson nipple ring and ends on the impending binary black hole, discovering along the way one mighty universal truth – internet gawpers will watch anything. The first episode of Please Accept Cookies, our new weekly tech series in which Ollie punctures the silicon bubble• Some footage courte

MixRadio prepares for post-Nokia life with Adidas smartwatch deal

Streaming music service’s first wearable partnership will enable Smart Run owners to cache playlists for offline play when jogging Continue reading...

Machi Koro board game review: quick, light and full of charm

This pint-sized game from Japan cuts city-building into easy, bite-sized chunks Continue reading...

YouTube Minecraft channel The Diamond Minecart gets a mobile app

UK-based channel joins PewDiePie and The Yogscast on Apple’s app store with new way for its 4.3m subscribers to watch on their devices Continue reading...

Hosam Zowawi: antibiotic resistant superbugs the greatest threat to humans - video

As Ebola is predicted to infect up to 1.4m people by January, Hosam Zowawi warns that antibiotic resistant superbugs are the greatest threat to humans now and in the future. The 2014 Rolex Young Laureate for Science & Health tells an audience at the Every Second Counts Forum about his ambitious goal: to reduce the number of infectious diseases globally. Continue reading...

Arthur Zang on bringing cardiac medicine to remote Africa - video

The fact that Arthur Zang does not have a medical education has not hindered his quest to bring cardiac aid to rural Africa. When he discovered in 2010 that there were only 50 cardiologists serving 20 million people in his home nation of Cameroon, he looked to his background in computer engineering for an answer. The result is the Cardio Pad, which as Arthur explains in this session at the Every

Francesco Sauro says caves are a hidden continent ripe for exploration - video

A massive, hidden continent of caves holds the key to the history of life on earth and could help secure its future, predicts Francesco Sauro at the Every Second Counts Forum. The 2014 Rolex Young Laureate for Exploration says cave systems measuring hundreds of thousands of kilometres could offer up bacteria and minerals for significant developments in medicine and materials science. Continue read

Olivier Nsengimana on creating a culture of conservation in Rwanda - video

Olivier Nsengimana tells the tale of the grey crowned-crane, a beautiful African bird whose future has been in peril ever since it was adopted as a status symbol by Rwanda's urban elite and as a source of income by its rural poor. Olivier, the 2014 Rolex Young Laureate for Environment, explains at the Every Second Counts Forum why a change of culture is essential if the bird and Rwanda's other end

Neeti Kailas on screening babies for hearing loss in India - video

In the first Young Laureate session at the Every Second Counts Forum, Neeti Kailas explains that detecting hearing loss at an early stage is essential in ensuring speech, language and cognitive development in children. As the 2014 Rolex Young Laureate for Science & Health, Neeti tells the story of how she created a portable diagnostic device to pioneer hearing loss screening in India. Continue rea

Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Maggie Aderin-Pocock in discussion - video

Inventor of the World Wide Web Sir Tim Berners-Lee and space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock discuss their work and careers. They look at the inspiration behind their chosen paths and how to encourage the next generation to achieve their own aspirations. Observer editor John Mulholland led the discussion, which provided a conclusion to the Rolex Every Second Counts Forum. Continue reading...

Maggie Aderin-Pocock on the Rosetta space mission - video

The renowned space scientist guided the Every Second Counts audience through her whistlestop week, which included a trip to the World Economic Forum and a "dance through the solar system" with the Rosetta space mission. Through her stories, she discussed her desire to aspire, how to create change, and the role of science in the 21st century. Continue reading...

My favourite board game: our writers pick their table-top treasures

From the strategic depth of Magic: the Gathering to the simple delights of Guess Who, these are the titles our games writers reach for first on those rainy weekends• Start your own board game collection – our pick of the best titles• Board games’ golden age: sociable, brilliant and driven by the internet Continue reading...

Samira Ahmed introduces the Every Second Counts Forum - video

Samira Ahmed, the BBC journalist, writer and broadcaster, opens the Every Second Counts Forum by urging young people to be faithful to "a child like passion about what [...they] want to do in the world". She describes the "remarkable event" as a celebration of "the achievements of so many young people who are using technology and brilliant ideas to try and make change for the world". Continue read

Start your own board game collection – our pick of the best titles

Intrigued by the board-game renaissance but not sure which one to buy next? Try our guide to the best titles from the new wave •My favourite board game: our writers pick their table-top treasures•12 board games to make you a better person Continue reading...

Intelligence authorities 'fail to understand data', say ISPs

Too many requests are made by people who ‘don’t understand what they’re doing’, according to the industry’s trade association Britain’s internet service providers are struggling to deal with an intelligence community which doesn’t understand how to use the information it receives, according to the head of the industry’s trade association.That lack of understanding is compounded by a lack o

Vloggers must clearly tell fans when they’re getting paid by advertisers, ASA rules

Advertising Standards Authority rules that video paid for by Oreos brand that featured YouTube stars broke advertising codeVideo bloggers are breaking the law if they fail to tell their legions of fans they are being paid to promote products, according to a landmark ruling from the UK advertising watchdog.The Advertising Standards Authority(ASA) told vloggers it “pays to be honest” after ban

Apple's Siri is a better rapper than you

The virtual assistant for iPhone and iPad has unveiled a secret talent for rappingSiri, Apple’s voice-controlled virtual assistant, is not just useful for hands-free texting, dictation and pizza place recommendations – it turns out she is also a skilled rapper.Last month, Judith Newman wrote in the New York Times how Siri had befriended her autistic son, and now it seems that Siri’s talent

Sony told to refund customers after running 'misleading' Vita adverts

The US Federal Trade Commission has ruled that early adverts for the handheld console were misleading about its featuresThe US Federal Trade Commission has ordered Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) to provide partial refunds to consumers who bought a PlayStation Vita handheld console before 1 June 2012. The ruling found that an early marketing campaign for the device made several

Boris Johnson calls for drones to solve London congestion

Mayor urges financial technology sector to find solution to problem of growing number of online shopping delivery vans Continue reading...

EU to Google: expand 'right to be forgotten’ to

The US search company comes under pressure from European data regulators who say the ruling on visibility of search results should apply internationally Continue reading... News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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