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The Guardian (U.K.) 

Hacking Team hacked: firm sold spying tools to repressive regimes, documents claim

Cybersecurity firm has 400GB of what purport to be its own documents published via its Twitter feed after hackThe cybersecurity firm Hacking Team appears to have itself been the victim of a hack, with documents that purport to show it sold software to repressive regimes being posted to the company’s own Twitter feed.The Italy-based company offers security services to law enforcement and na

Unity - does indie gaming's biggest engine have an image problem?

Chief executive John Riccitiello explains why being popular with small independent studios is a mixed blessingMost people who play video games have played a game made with Unity – even if they don’t know it. Originally launched in 2005, this adaptable, cross-platform game engine is freely available to amateur coders and can be bought for just $1500 by small professional studios, allowing both

Why does my phone get really hot and slow down in summer?

Living beings aren’t the only ones who suffer when a heatwave strikes – smartphones and portable electronics hate the heat just as much as we doOverheating, sluggish, running out of energy faster than usual? Have you noticed how it’s not just you that suffers in the heat, your smartphone does too? Don’t worry, you’re not imagining it, the heat really does make a difference. Unlike people,

Ubisoft chief: 'We learned from the mistakes we made with Watch Dogs'

Yves Guillemot admits company raised expectations too high with its 2012 ambitious graphical demo of cyberpunk thriller In 2012, a fallow year for the E3 video game expo in Los Angeles, Ubisoft revealed its latest open-world action adventure – and promptly stole the show. Watch Dogs, a cyberpunk thriller set in an astonishingly detailed recreation of Chicago, looked amazing, with its complex

Minecon 2015: day two of the annual Minecraft conference - live

Mojang reveals what’s next for its popular game, YouTube explains how to become an online games star, and more live from London*Minecon day one as it happened 4.33pm BST That’s a wrap for this liveblog. There is a closing ceremony to come, but I have two young Minecrafters of my own who I’ve promised I’ll be home in time to read a bedtime story to, and it’s a long-ish journey ahead.T

20 best new Android apps and games this week

Vessel, Medium, CloudPlayer by DoubleTwist, BitTorrent Shoot, Geometry Wars 3, Vainglory, Lego Minifigures Online and moreWelcome to this week’s roundup of the latest, greatest Android apps and games, covering smartphones and tablets.All these apps have been released for the first time – ie not updates – since the last roundup. All prices are correct at the time of writing, with “IAP” indi

Art Academy: Atelier review – step-by-step guide to drawing and painting

Wii U, Nintendo, cert: N/A, out nowAnother intriguing direction for the Wii U here, with _Art Academy: Atelier_ offering a good basic toolkit for learning to paint and draw. It does so through rather charming lessons that communicate the fundamentals of visual art in a laid-back, step-by-step format. Each stage features detailed explanations and animations that do an admirable job of explaining

Tesla S: car review | Martin Love

The electric Tesla S is a pure spark of inspiration. But how did it get so far ahead of the competition?Price £50,000MPG 152 (equivalent)Top speed 140mphThe future doesn’t arrive gently: it comes at a leap – a great galumphing jump that leaves you laughing with disbelief. I drove the Tesla S last week and it offers such revolutionary solutions to so many of the oily problems that bog mos

Reddit CEO sorry for 'letting down' users after popular subforums shut down

Ellen Pao would not comment on firing of director of talent but said company was working on providing moderators with a better infrastructure and network Related: Reddit revolts: subforums shut down in protest over AMA co-ordinator sacking The chief executive of the social media site Reddit, Ellen Pao, has apologized for “letting down” users after the company fired a well-liked employee.

Where is Google taking us?

Tim Adams was invited to hang out at Google’s California HQ, where some of the world’s brightest minds are working on innovations, such as driverless cars, that will transform our lives. But is society ready to go along for the ride?Whatever happened to wonder? The most unnerving thing about sitting in the back of a driverless car is how quickly you get used to it. After 10 minutes cruising C

Theresa May named internet villain of the year

Home Secretary receives gong for going ahead with ‘snooper’s charter’, while MPs Tom Watson and David Davis are ‘heroes’ for challenging surveillanceThe Home Secretary, Theresa May, has been named the UK internet industry’s villain of the year for pursuing “snooper’s charter” legislation without fully consulting the sector. The gong, part of the annual ISPA awards, was given for “forging a

YouTube up to 240bn monthly video views, with top 100 MCNs worth $10bn

Report claims that more than 22 multi-channel networks reaching 1bn monthly views, as top star PewDiePie’s earnings are revealedThe 100 largest multi-channel networks (MCNs) on YouTube may have a collective valuation of nearly $10bn, and account for 42% of the online video service’s monthly views.That’s according to a report from research firm Ampere Analysis, which has been crunching data

Uber to provide security for drivers in South Africa after threats from rivals

Internet taxi firm says decision to provide security was made after ‘recent intimidation’ and protests from other taxi operatorsInternet taxi firm Uber said on Monday it was providing security for its drivers in South Africa after verbal threats from other taxi operators in the latest outbreak of friction to hit the fast-growing company.Uber drivers in Johannesburg have been targeted by me

20 best new iPhone and iPad apps and games this week

Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator, BuzzFeed News, BitTorrent Shoot, The Executive, Lego Minifigures Online and moreWelcome to this week’s roundup of the latest, greatest new iPhone and iPad apps and games. All prices are correct at the time of writing, with “IAP” indicating use of in-app purchases.You can read the previous Best iPhone and iPad Apps roundups for more recommendations, but

Reddit revolt continues as user petition calls for resignation of CEO Ellen Pao

*Petition surpasses 150,000 users upset after firing of talent director*Pao has apologized for handling of transition, but users unsatisfiedMore than 150,000 Reddit users have signed an online petition calling for Ellen Pao, the site’s interim chief executive, to step down. The petition arose after Victoria Taylor, the director of talent who managed the site’s popular Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Batman: Arkham Knight review – fitting end to masterful trilogy

(PS4, Xbox One, Warner Bros, cert: 18)Rocksteady’s masterful Arkham trilogy comes to a close with a game so far from the cramped, knotty, Bafta-winning original _Asylum_ as to be nigh on unrecognisable. Where _Asylum_ took place entirely in the titular madhouse, in _City,_ the Caped Crusader took to the skies and streets of Gotham to deal justice to his collection of nemeses. Now, in _Knight,_

What happens to my late husband’s digital life now he’s gone?

Since her husband, Iain, died seven months ago, Caroline Twigg has had to face an unexpected problem – what to do with his online legacy_nyctwigg: Ah, there you are; a Skype username you created while working in New York for a month. And here I am, trying to call someone yet absent-mindedly pulling up your profile. In the tiny square picture icon, you are there in your blue T-shirt, leaning o

Amazon set to pay self-published authors as little as $0.006 per page read

Writers of shorter works could lose out on revenue as company’s Kindle Owners Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited no longer pay per copy downloadedSelf-published authors could be paid as little as $0.006 per page read under new rules planned by Amazon.Writers who make their works available through Amazon’s Kindle Owners Lending Library, and a similar service called Kindle Unlimited, will

Uber suspends French ride-sharing service in 'gesture of peace'

UberPop is suspended for the next three months after violent protests and arrests in FranceUber has closed its ride-sharing service, UberPop, in Paris, after the arrest of two executives on Monday, and a series of increasingly disruptive protests against the company in France.The company said it had made the decision as a result of “intimidation, violent protests and organised aggression a

Apple Music v Spotify: how do they compare?

Can the plucky new upstart beat the music streaming market leader at its own game? A Spotify user puts Apple Music to the testI’ve always loved music. I used to spend hours making cassette compilations so I could play my CD singles in the car. Yes, this was another time (and indeed another place). Tapes were replaced by MiniDiscs (stop laughing please), then I joined the iPod generation. B

Google says sorry for racist auto-tag in photo app

*Google Photos labelled a picture of two black people as ‘gorillas’*Google Maps and Flickr have also suffered from race-related problemsGoogle has apologized after its new photo app labelled two black people as “gorillas”.The photo service, launched in May, automatically tags uploaded pictures using its own artificial intelligence software. Continue reading...

Jim Carrey apologises after tweeting child's picture without permission

Actor in anti-vaccine protest on Twitter comes under fire after attaching picture, but apologises after contact from boy’s familyJim Carrey has been forced to apologise after tweeting a picture of a child suffering from autism and tuberous sclerosis without his family’s permission.Carrey tweeted the picture of Karen Echols’ son Alex as part of a protest against recent legislation in Califo

Electric 'robocabs' would reduce US greenhouse emissions by 94% – study

Research projecting to 2030 says self-driving taxis and specialised one-person vehicles would greatly cut inefficiencies in current human driving patternsSelf-driving electric taxis could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from conventional car travel in the US by 94% in 2030, according to a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.These future “robocabs” would be battery-powered and dr

Unseen footage of Nicolas Cage in costume for Superman Lives emerges

Test footage from abandoned 1997 Tim Burton superhero film has been unearthed for a forthcoming documentary Never-before-seen test footage has emerged of Nicolas Cage as Superman from an infamous abandoned Tim Burton film which would have been the director’s follow-up to Mars Attacks.The 1997 video shows Cage, with shoulder-length hair, trying on a sculpted, skintight electric blue bodysui

What's next for Minecraft? Developer Mojang talks future features

Minecon 2015 panel sees game’s creator talking about the next steps for its computer, console and mobile editionsWe know all about Minecraft’s past and present: 70m sales across computers, consoles and mobile devices, and a burgeoning community of players, YouTubers, educators and independent developers doing interesting things with developer Mojang’s game.We know a little about its future

The innovators: how smaller batteries give more power to UK solar households

London startup tailors smaller, cheaper battery for UK households to use more of their own generated solar energy When Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla, took to the stage in California in April to launch a solar battery for the home, the audience hollered and whooped at every detail. On the other side of the Atlantic, a more modest, quieter challenger plans to take on the US electric c

Zombies, creepers and kids all flock to Minecraft’s block party

The multi-platform construction and battles game has become a worldwide phenomenon – so much so that it can draw thousands to live eventsAs a corporate conference venue, London’s ExCeL Centre is regularly overwhelmed by besuited executives dealing in arcane business jargon. This weekend, however, an altogether different sub-culture was in charge, as Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons and thousands of

Star Wars Battlefront: fighting the Empire from Hoth to Tatooine

The E3 demo of EA Dice’s forthcoming Star Wars shooter allayed a lot of fears about the game, bringing the movies to visceral, interactive lifeAll around there is chaos. Through the trenches dug into Hoth’s icy surface, rebel soldiers sprint toward uplink computers, as imperial snow troopers swarm around them. Blaster fire echoes across the desolate landscape, and the unmistakable swell of Jo

E3 2015: our 13 favourite games

From the epic Star Wars Battlefront to the intimate Beyond Eyes, here are our most memorable moments from this year’s rather fantastic eventLast week, E3 – the Cannes film festival of the video game industry – attracted more than 50,000 game makers, journalists and retailers to the LA convention centre for three days of frenzied hype, promise and speculation. 300 exhibitors were there, sho

E3 2015: five days in LA that left gamers stunned

This years highlights? Breathtaking game reveals, the return of cult classics, a footballing legend, and the new virtual realityThere was, perhaps, not a little provocative symbolism before this year’s annual E3 electronic entertainment expo, when Todd Howard, creative mastermind behind _Fallout_ and _Elder Scrolls_, took to the stage at the Dolby theatre in Los Angeles. It’s the host venue t News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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