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The Guardian (U.K.) 

Malware is not only about viruses – companies preinstall it all the time

Since I started free software in the 80s, developers have grown to routinely mistreat users by shackling behaviour and snooping – but we have ways to resist In 1983, when I started the free software movement, malware was so rare that each case was shocking and scandalous. Now it’s normal.To be sure, I am not talking about viruses. Malware is the name for a program designed to mistreat its

Lizard Squad member pleads guilty over 23 counts related to 'swatting'

Hoax calls from 17-year-old Canadian tricked armed police into raiding homes of women who played online battle game League of Legends A Canadian teen has plead guilty to more than 23 counts related to a series of “swatting” incidents across Canada and the US.Swatting, one of the teen’s tactics, involves calling in hoaxes to police in an attempt to encourage the dispatch of a heavily-armed

Uber’s first self-driving car spotted in Pittsburgh

A car fitted with cameras and laser scanners has been seen driving on public roads in the US, as Uber’s research centre starts testing technologyThe first test vehicle for Uber’s self-driving car programme has been spotted driving around the streets of Pittsburgh covered in cameras and sensors.The modified Ford branded with “Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center”, was spotted on residential

Swipe right to buy: Tinder starts selling music with discounted Zedd album

Dating app is experimenting with music download sales, shortly after driving more than a million fans to watch artist Jason Derulo’s latest videoIn 2015, you can watch news on Snapchat, watch comedy clips on Spotify, and send money to friends in Facebook Messenger. So the news that you can now buy albums on Tinder shouldn’t come as a big surprise.Well, album in the singular. Tinder is sell

Behind a pizza-slice smile: the dark side of Pac-Man

The pill-munching arcade classic is 35 years old today, but while Pac-Man looks cute, many writers have discovered a sinister secret withinOn 22 May 1980, Japanese arcade machine manufacturer Namco changed video games forever. Its new release, Pac-Man, was designed to appeal far beyond the teenage boys pumping coins into early shooters like Space Invaders and Galaxian. Designer Shigeo Funaki

Microsoft faces claims it threatened MPs with job cuts in constituencies

Conservative party strategy chief Steve Hilton attacks lobbying industry with allegation that company aggressively targeted MPs over IT reform Microsoft executives telephoned Conservative MPs threatening to shut down a facility in their local area because of planned IT reforms, David Cameron’s former strategy chief has claimed.Steve Hilton, who worked for Cameron in opposition and for two

British songwriters body BASCA takes aim at Google and SoundCloud

Chairman tells internet firms ‘you are undermining the value of our music’ as well as making it harder for licensed streaming services to surviveThe chairman of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA) has criticised Google and SoundCloud – by clear reference, if not by name – in a speech at its Ivor Novello Awards.Delivering the introductory speech at the event, S

Warhammer 40,000 Forbidden Stars review: an absorbing evening of combat

This deep, strategic board game of interstellar warfare and galactic empire building is a love letter to the 28-year-old tabletop gameIf you’re remotely interested in strategy games, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Warhammer 40,000. In the nearly 30 years since it was first released, the science-fiction tabletop battle game has amassed legions of fans around the globe, spaw

YouTube heats up rivalry with Twitch with smoother live streams of games

YouTube promises gaming broadcasters their viewers will have ‘silky smooth playback’ and inks new partnerships with game-capture firmsGaming has become one of the most popular categories on YouTube thanks to the Let’s Play videos published by creators like PewDiePie, The Diamond Minecart and Stampy.Now YouTube wants to get more gamers broadcasting live, as it takes on Amazon’s live-streami

Twitter expands ad offering as it faces questions over paid-for harassment

‘Objective-based’ campaigns give self-service advertisers ever more options to give Twitter money – but so do trollsTwitter is expanding its advertising offering, letting users decide to pay for their adverts based on whether or not they achieve their objectives, rather than simply paying per view. But the move comes as the company faces pressure over its self-service advertising tools, wh

Huawei P8 review: thin, powerful and undercuts the competition

Chinese smartphone firm’s flagship Android puts Huawei on the map with a solid all-metal phone that costs significantly less than competitorsYou’ve probably never heard of Huawei. With a brand name that few recognise and which many who do can’t pronounce, the Chinese company has struggled outside developing markets – but that may be about to change.Its new flagship P8 Android smartphone –

Jet Reaction: UK's modest bike with a huge engine seeking land speed record

Oxfordshire engineer Richard Brown and his team of friends, family and enthusiasts, to take on corporate-sponsored big names at event in Utah Continue reading...

FBI investigates as ‘phantom’ cab rides appear on hacked British Uber accounts

Speculation that account credentials of of customers using the taxi app were sold on ‘dark web’ Continue reading...

Screen time v play time: what tech leaders won't let their own kids do

Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive designed some of the world’s most desirable tech – but imposed strict limits on their own children using it. What rules do others set? Continue reading...

On the road: Mazda 2 – car review

‘It occupies this curious space between mischief and seriousness, as though it were designed for a trainee mobster’ Continue reading...

Amazon to begin paying corporation tax on UK retail sales

From the start of this month the online retailer has started booking its sales through the UK, meaning resulting profits will be taxed by HMRC Continue reading...

3D printer lends a hand to girl born without fingers - video

Eight-year-old Isabella Rudd from Dartford, who was born with no fingers on her right arm, has been given new mobility by a prosthetic created by a 3D printer. The hand, built from biodegradable plastic, cost the Rudd family only £50. Isabella can now pick up objects and ride a bike, which she couldn't do before Continue reading...

Splatoon review

Wii U; Nintendo; £27.99-£34.85 Continue reading...

Has Apple leaked the iPhone 6C on its own site?

Image advertising new iPhone Lightning charging dock has picture of what appears to be an updated iPhone 5C with a new Touch ID sensor Continue reading...

Limits on government data collection inadequate, say 65% of Americans

Trust in data protection measures by government or internet companies is low post-Edward Snowden leaks, finds Pew Research survey Continue reading...

Spotify's new features see it step up competition with Apple

New York launch event reveals Spotify’s aim to become the smartest streaming music service, with playlists the new radio and Snapchat now a rival Continue reading...

Russia 'will block' Google, Twitter and Facebook if they withhold blogger data

Kremlin demands internet services comply with its laws, which require official registration of bloggers with more than 3,000 readers a dayRussia’s media watchdog has written to Google, Twitter and Facebook warning them against violating Russian internet laws and a spokesman said they risked being blocked if they did not comply. Roskomnadzor said it had sent letters this week to the three U

US tech scene special: Tech weekly podcast

From selfie drones to data protection, all the latest news from the US tech scene Continue reading...

Spotify moves into video and podcasts with major media partnerships

*Short-form videos and podcasts sourced from BBC, ESPN and Comedy Central*Service will be launched in US, UK, Germany and SwedenSpotify moved to expand its service beyond music on Wednesday, announcing video content deals several major media conglomerates, including Comedy Central, ESPN, Adult Swim, BBC and NBC.The video content will be short-form and many of the producers will also dist

Dog-eyed view: the camera that takes a photo whenever your dog gets excited - video

A new gadget has been developed that straps a camera to your dog's chest, monitors its heart rate and takes a picture whenever it's excited. The product comprises the camera, a specially designed camera case, and a heart-rate monitor strap that communicates with the case via Bluetooth to cause the shutter to trigger when the dog's heartbeat increases Continue reading...

NSA pranksters plant 'listening' devices in New York and take snooping abroad

Next time you gossip or brag about cheating on your partner, check under the table. Group’s stunt highlights extent of the real NSA as the debate continues Continue reading...

Top Amazon UK executives quit as directors of British arm

Managing director and finance director resign from board ahead of clampdown on tax structures of big tech companies Continue reading...

Temple University physics professor accused of passing tech secrets to China

Xi Xiaoxing, 47, of suburban Philadelphia, released on $100,000 bond after appearing in federal court on Thursday on four counts of wire fraud Continue reading...

Snapchat to hire journalists for 2016 US presidential race

Photo-sharing platform continues move into news and media by building content team Continue reading...

We will rebuild: Kent earthquake shakes Twitter into sarcasm overload

With no reports of injuries or structural damage after 4.2-magnitude quake, the garden of England becomes ripe for ridicule Continue reading... News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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