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BBC (U.K.) 

Peers try to revive 'snooping law'

UK net firms have criticised attempts to revive a "snoopers' charter" by adding it into draft legislation currently before the House of Lords.

Pinterest to open up more user data

Pinterest is planning to tell advertisers more about what its users are posting in a bid to help target ads.

Emergency patch fixes Flash flaw

Adobe has released an emergency patch for a flaw in its Flash software that was being widely exploited by thieves.

Apple's Tim Cook salary up over 40%

Tech giant Apple's chief executive Tim Cook's base salary was increased by nearly 43% in February last year, according to the company.

Twitter battles Instagram links

The social network encourages celebrities and other high-profile users to share photos directly to Twitter.

US plans 'regulated' Bitcoin exchange

High-profile Bitcoin backers are seeking to establish a Bitcoin exchange in the US that would be overseen by mainstream financial regulators.

Reporter jailed for stolen data links

A journalist with connections to the hacking collective Anonymous is sentenced to five years in jail after posting online links to stolen data.

Drug drone crashes on Mexican border

A quadcopter drone carrying 3kg of illegal drugs crashes near the border between Mexico and the US.

Li Ka-shing set to buy O2 for £10bn

Asia's richest person Li Ka-shing confirms his company is offering to buy Britain's second-largest mobile provider O2 for up to £10.25bn ($15.4bn).

India Uber resumes services in Delhi

The web-based taxi firm Uber restarts operations in Delhi, six weeks after it was banned over charges that one of its drivers raped a passenger.

Blackberry seeks aid on app making

App makers should be required to make software for Blackberry handsets, says the boss of the phone company.

Flogging of Saudi blogger postponed

Saudi Arabia has postponed the flogging of blogger Raif Badawi for the second week running on health grounds, according to a human rights group.

Kim Dotcom releases Skype competitor

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom releases an encrypted chat service, called MegaChat, to compete with the Microsoft-owned Skype.

WhatsApp bans unofficial app users

WhatsApp acts to stop downloads of a third-party service, WhatsApp Plus, and locks out people who used it from its chat platform.

Windows 10 to be free and get headset

Microsoft says its Windows 10 operating system will be a free upgrade for many users and unveils a "holographic" headset that can run it.

eBay to cut 2,400 jobs this quarter

US e-commerce giant eBay is planning to cut 2,400 jobs in the first quarter, the company said on Wednesday.

Man arrested over Madonna hack

An Israeli man is arrested on suspicion of hacking into the computers of pop stars including Madonna and selling unreleased songs online.

Fake Facebook page costs US $134,000

The US government agrees to pay a woman $134,000 after creating a fake Facebook page using photos of her as well as her son and niece.

Country blocked on club Facebook page

Notts County blocks Hungary from its Facebook page after it was deluged with comments concerning the signing of a new player.

Laser-etched metal 'bounces' water

By etching grooves into metal with a high-powered laser, physicists create a surface that repels water to the extent that droplets bounce away.

VIDEO: CES 2015: Testing the latest drones

The BBC Click team put three of the latest drones through their paces

VIDEO: The robot that paints your nails

A Japanese robot has been programmed to take on a range of tasks - from painting nails to cooking.

VIDEO: Tech review: This week's headlines

The laser-etched metal surfaces that repel water, plus other technology news

VIDEO: How criminals clone your card

The BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones spoke to James Lyne, head of research at cyber-security firm Sophos, to find out how criminals go about cloning your card.

VIDEO: AI technology 'will take your job'

Robert Shiller, regarded as one of the most influential economists in the world, has said society is "in a panic" about artificial intelligence.

VIDEO: Meet the giant robot for sale online

BBC Click looks at some of the week's technology highlights

VIDEO: Park your car with a smartwatch

From the cars that steer themselves to smartphone apps that monitor your driving

VIDEO: 'Equip kids to combat inequality' speaks to the BBC from the 2015 World Economic Forum about how education can close the equality gap and provide more opportunities to young people.

VIDEO: Discovering 2015's must-have toys

A look around the floor at the London Toy Fair, a showcase for new toys that will be hitting shops in the coming year.

VIDEO: The unbeatable poker playing machine

Researchers have created a program that is unbeatable in the game of Texas hold 'em poker. News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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