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BBC (U.K.) 

White goods dominate e-waste items

Old kitchen, bathroom and laundry equipment made up 60% of the 41.8 million tonnes of electronic waste thrown away in 2014, suggests a report.

Zuckerberg defends

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg defends the aims of his free service after several Indian firms pull out of the project.

'Eternal' camera takes endless snaps

A camera powered by the light it uses to take pictures has been invented by American scientists.

US schools seek Apple iPad refunds

Schools in Los Angeles seek refunds from Apple and others over a $1.3bn (£870m) iPad-based education project that has gone awry.

Smart waders go fishing for science

Scientists are developing smartphone-connected waders that fly-fishing enthusiasts could wear to help them find their catch, but also to collect key data about water properties.

Wikileaks publishes Sony documents

Wikileaks has published hundreds of thousands of emails and documents from a cyber-attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment last year.

US Navy develops 'swarming' drones

The US Navy is developing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, that can be launched from a cannon and "swarm" in a co-ordinated attack.

Underground freight travel tested

A high-tech study to see whether underground freight deliveries could become reality in the UK is to be carried out in Northampton.

Indian companies shun

A group of Indian technology and internet firms pull out of Facebook's initiative, fearing it threatens "net neutrality".

New luggage bins fit 50% more bags

Boeing has shown off its 'space bins' that can hold 50% more luggage than existing designs.

Instagram updates nudity rules

The social network has updated its community guidelines with details on nudity and abuse.

Fewer drivers punished for mobile use

The number of drivers given penalty points for using mobile phones at the wheel fell by 24% last year in England and Wales, police figures suggest.

Doctor Who movie mooted in Sony leak

Plans for a Doctor Who movie and George Clooney's email address are among the details posted on WikiLeaks, following last year's cyber-attack on Sony Pictures.

Han Solo in new Star Wars trailer

Star Wars fans are given a first glimpse of Han Solo in the new trailer for The Force Awakens - the first film in the new series of the sci-fi franchise.

VIDEO: Could tech help save the bee?

The tech which could help to unlock the secrets of the hive.

VIDEO: The app that discovers edible weeds

Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley are using crowdsourcing to locate edible weeds in urban areas.

VIDEO: Endless OS targets developing world

San Francisco start-up Endless is on course to reach its $100,000 crowdfunding target for its budget desktop PC.

VIDEO: Use a loo roll to keep cables tidy

Kate Russell has a novel way to keep your appliance cables neat and tidy.

VIDEO: The car that drives sideways

BBC Click's LJ Rich looks at some of the best of the week's technology news

VIDEO: EU lodges complaint against Google

European Union competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager has announced that a complaint has been filed against Google over its alleged anti-competitive behaviour.

VIDEO: Role models 'help women enter IT'

Wales can have a great future in the technology sector but it has to attract more women, says a top industry figure.

VIDEO: The vibrating pen fighting Parkinson's

Students have created a vibrating pen designed to help patients with Parkinson's disease.

VIDEO: The drone competition with $1m prize

Teams from around the world have been competing in the Drones for Good competition held in Dubai

VIDEO: The skyscraper that casts no shadow

A team of architects in London has developed a way of creating skyscrapers that cast no shadow, using the latest computer design software.

Can big data reveal electorate's mood?

Can big data reveal the mood of the electorate?

Beyond the first law of computing

Will Moore's Law last another 50 years?

Is Google a fading force?

Why is Bing gaining on Google in the US?

Can craft and capitalism coexist?

Can Etsy keep its soul after going public?

The start-ups that want your electronic junk

The start-ups that want your electronic junk

Why is the EU gunning for Google?

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