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California governor lauds passage of 'historic' sick leave bill

By Brendan O'Brien (Reuters) - A measure to grant California workers mandatory sick leave that passed the state legislature early on Saturday appeared poised to become law after Governor Jerry Brown lauded it as a historic achievement. The bill would require employers to provide at least three days of annual paid sick leave to workers, who would accrue the time off at a rate of one hour per 30 h

U.S. to push for coalition to fight 'cancer' of Islamic State: Kerry

Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States will use a NATO summit next week to push for a coalition of countries to beat back incursions in Syria and Iraq by Islamic State militants who are destabilizing the region and beyond. "With a united response led by the United States and the broadest possible coalition of nations, the cancer of ISIS will not be allowed to spread to other countr

Obama, Harper discuss NATO summit, Iraq in phone call: White House

President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper talked by telephone on Saturday to discuss next week's NATO summit in Wales and the situation in Iraq, the White House said. "Both leaders agreed on the importance of ensuring Alliance unity on measures to strengthen NATO's readiness and responsiveness to the full range of current and future threats," the White House said in a state

Captives held by Islamic State prove tough quandary for Obama

By Mark Hosenball and Warren Strobel WASHINGTON (Reuters) - After Islamic State's beheading of journalist James Foley, President Barack Obama's administration is making little headway in efforts to secure the release of three other Americans held by the insurgent group in Syria, officials said. Journalist Steven Sotloff and two others whom Reuters is not naming are among fewer than 10 Westerners t

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy expresses ‘extreme degree of skepticism’ about expanding strikes on ISIL to Syria

Sen. Chris Murphy says he would be “very unlikely” to support expanding America’s military campaign against the brutal ISIL militia from Iraq into neighboring Syria. But the Connecticut Democrat says President Obama must seek explicit authorization from Congress if he decides to widen the conflict.

Obama on ISIL: ‘We don’t have a strategy yet’

Declaring “we don’t have a strategy yet,” President Obama poured cold water Thursday on talk that he was poised to order imminent U.S. military strikes on ISIL fighters in Syria.

Obama’s Anti-Doctrine Doctrine

Terrorists in Syria and Iraq have been overrunning the countryside, pausing to savagely murder an American journalist. Pakistan is reeling from political crisis. The Russians just made an incursion into Ukraine, the Israelis have been blowing up every other building in Gaza, and Ebola's rampaging through West Africa. All of which has led to some of the most blistering criticism of Barack Obama's p

Former Iowa Republican official admits to taking payment for support of Ron Paul’s presidential bid

An Iowa state senator who abandoned then-presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to endorse Ron Paul a week before the 2012 Iowa caucuses has pleaded guilty to “concealing payments” from Paul’s campaign in exchange for his support.

On Ukraine's 'other side' to the west, fears of familiar crisis brew in tiny Moldova

The world may not be ready for another crisis on Ukraine’s borders, but one may be brewing — this time on the west, in the obscure Moldovan province of Transnistria, occupying about 1,600 square miles between the Dniester River and the Ukrainian frontier.

5 International Stories You'll Care About Next Week

President Obama Visits Wales for NATO Summit

Britain Raises Terror Threat Level to ‘Severe’

Terror Attack ‘Highly Likely’ But Not Necessarily Imminent, U.K. Government Says

American Terror Pipeline: Nearly a Dozen From Twin Cities Gone to Fight in Syria

Teen Girl May Have Left for Battlefield; Before Syria, Minnesotans Recruited to Terror Group in Somalia

5 US airstrikes target Islamic State fighters

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. military says fighter aircraft and unmanned drones have struck Islamic State militants near Iraq's Mosul Dam.

In Texas, Cruz sounds like he's running in 2016

DALLAS (AP) — Firebrand Sen. Ted Cruz is sounding increasingly like he's made up his mind to run for president in 2016.

5 highlights from California's legislative session

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California Gov. Jerry Brown has until the end of September to sign or veto the hundreds of bills sent to him by the Legislature. Here are five notable actions, some of them firsts in the country, that state lawmakers took in the final days of this year's legislative session, which ended early Saturday:

Obama to attend wedding of longtime personal chef

WASHINGTON (AP) — Here's what the Obama family had on its plate Saturday evening: the White House chef's wedding.

Surly 2014 electorate poised to 'keep the bums in'

WASHINGTON (AP) — A surly electorate that holds Congress in even lower regard than unpopular President Barack Obama is willing to "keep the bums in," with at least 365 incumbents in the 435-member House and 18 of 28 senators on a glide path to another term when ballots are counted Nov. 4.

Enforcement of gun laws hinges on local sheriffs' interpretation of Second Amendment

Rural sheriffs across the country are by protesting gun control laws

How big telecom smothers city-run broadband

Municipal broadband boosts business, but often stops at city limits thanks to lobbying muscle of telecom giants

Fearing for the Second Amendment, militia groups grow in number

Fear of interference with Second Amendment rights and suspicion of elected officials have provoked a rise in self-described patriot militias

Poland's Tusk, Italy's Mogherini get EU top jobs

European leaders Saturday named Polish Premier Donald Tusk the next EU president and Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini to head its diplomatic service as the bloc faces a series of challenges topped by Ukraine. Tusk, who speaks only halting English and no French, is the first eastern European to hold such a senior post in the EU and is known as a tough critic of the Kremlin, especially

230 injured as police clash with protesters in Islamabad

At least 230 people were wounded in clashes between police and protesters in Pakistan's capital Islamabad, hospital officials said Sunday, as a fortnight-long political impasse took a violent turn. Police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. The protesters, led by cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan and Canadian cleric Tahir ul Qadri, had been camped outside parliament house since Augu

Syria jihadists free 4 Lebanese soldiers, policeman held hostage

Four soldiers and a police officer kidnapped in the east of Lebanon nearly a month ago were freed late Saturday by the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda, a security service official told AFP. The five "taken hostage by the Al-Nusra Front have been freed and have arrived in Arsal," a Lebanese town on the border with Syria, he said. "They are still not in the hands of the security services," he added. The

Palestinian Authority to pay Hamas staff 'as soon as possible'

The Palestinian Authority will pay its employees' August salaries on time and Hamas civil servants in Gaza "as soon as possible", a spokesman for the unity government said Saturday. On Tuesday, Hamas and Israel agreed an Egypt-mediated ceasefire to end a deadly 50-day war with Israel in Gaza that killed more than 2,100 Palestinians. Saturday's move comes after a row over pay erupted between the

Tusk: unflappable leader who has steered Poland through crisis

Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk is a pro-European free marketeer who has earned the reputation of being an unflappable leader able to turn even the most difficult situations to his advantage. With political roots in Poland's anti-communist Solidarity trade union, the football-mad historian named on Saturday as the EU's next president started out as an underground journalist. After a bloodles

Mogherini: Italy's young rising star

Italy's Federica Mogherini, named the European Union's new foreign policy chief on Saturday, is a member of what Prime Minister Matteo Renzi calls the up-and-coming "Erasmus generation". The 41-year-old former foreign minister represents the kind of Europe that Italy is aiming for: open and internet-savvy, closer to young people and based more on common values than the single currency. Her candi

New EU president Tusk 'can't imagine' Britain leaving

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, named Saturday as the next European Union president, said he could not imagine the bloc without Britain and pledged to do everything possible to meet London's demands for reform. I cannot imagine it myself," Tusk said of an increasingly eurosceptic Britain where Prime Minister David Cameron has promised a referendum on EU membership in 2017 after negotiating a

US launches air strikes on IS rebels near Mosul dam: Pentagon

The US military launched fresh attacks on Islamic State forces in Iraq, using fighter aircraft and drones to carry out strikes near the Mosul dam, the Pentagon said on Saturday. "The strikes destroyed an ISIL armed vehicle, an ISIL fighting position, ISIL weapons, and significantly damaged an ISIL building," a US Defense Department statement said, referring to the IS forces also known as the Isl

Iran says fresh US sanctions have deepened mistrust

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday condemned a new round of American sanctions linked to his country's nuclear activities, saying mistrust had been "further deepened" by the fresh measures. The latest sanctions -- which Washington said were levelled because of support for terrorism and as punishment for existing restrictions being skirted -- come despite Iran's ongoing talks with the We

EU readies new Russia sanctions as Ukraine war fears grow

The European Union readied a fresh wave of sanctions against Russia on Saturday with warnings that the escalating crisis in Ukraine was putting all of Europe at risk of conflict. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said as he visited Brussels to plead with EU leaders for tougher measures that Kiev and Moscow were on the verge of "full-scale war". Fears of a wider confrontation spiralled after c News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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