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The Guardian (U.K.) 

Scottish referendum: Cameron pledges devolution revolution after no vote

PM hails Scotland's 55%-45% vote to remain inside UK as a defiant Alex Salmond pays tribute to 'triumph of democracy' Live blog: latest on the Scottish referendum resultsDavid Cameron has declared a "clear result" in the Scottish independence referendum after Scotland voted by a 10.6-point margin against ending the 307-year-old union with England and Wales. Continue reading...

Alex Salmond accepts defeat and presses for new Holyrood powers

First minister says pro-independence vote was 'substantial' and he expects fast delivery of measures for Scottish parliamentLive blog: Salmond to resign as first minister - rolling reactionAlex Salmond has put Westminster on notice that Scottish voters expect the UK's main political parties to deliver on their pledge to quickly introduce new powers for Holyrood, after accepting defeat in the

Violence in Glasgow as loyalists attack pro-independence supporters

Some young men shout loyalist slogans and racist abuse and appear to make Nazi salutes, as well as chanting Rule BritanniaThere were angry scenes in Glasgow on Friday night as a group of young pro-union supporters clashed with pro-independence supporters who had been gathering in George Square throughout the day.Police acted to separate a small group of pro-independence supporters, who had b

Alex Salmond resigns as first minister after Scotland rejects independence

Leader of the Scottish National party will stand down in November, as the vote foreshadowed months of constitutional turmoilAlex Salmond declared he will stand down as Scotland's first minister and the lead of the Scottish National party after failing to secure a majority for independence, as the country's vote to remain in the United Kingdom foreshadowed months of constitutional turmoil. Cont

Douglas Alexander: Scottish referendum 'a wake-up call to all of us'

Labour's 2015 election co-ordinator says it's worrying that voters' overwhelming emotion is one of distrust and hatred of politiciansDouglas Alexander, Labour's 2015 election co-ordinator warned his party the Scottish referendum campaign has revealed the extent to which voters are demanding change, but have a contempt bordering on hatred towards politicians.He also said the party must not un

Hopes and fears for Scotland: 'I hope this level of political engagement continues long into the future'

Guardian readers look back at the referendum and share their hopes and fears for the future of Scotland Scotland rejected independence in the referendum voting to remain part of the 307-year-old union with England and Wales. Although the independence camp won large majorities in Glasgow and Dundee, 55% of voters voted against plans to become a separate nation. But what now? We asked Guardian

Scottish referendum: the battle for reform now moves to England

The pro-independence campaign's defeat sparks constitutional bidding war between David Cameron and Ed MilibandScotland's decisive rejection of independence has sparked a frenetic constitutional bidding war between David Cameron and Ed Miliband over the future shape of the United Kingdom.As it became clear that 55% of Scottish voters had said no to independence, the prime minister demanded a

How the big hitters fared in the battle to keep Scotland in the union

The vote went their way. But as the dust settles, do the politicians who led the no campaign emerge with their reputations and their prospects enhanced?The prime minister emerged from Thursday's referendum with his reputation intact as a lucky man who too often flies by the seat of his pants. Continue reading...

Standard-bearer of Scottish nationalism leaves party at high-water mark

Alex Salmond's emotionally controlled resignation speech effectively conceded Scottish politics has now shiftedAlex Salmond's emotionally controlled resignation speech reflected a personal decision in which the man so long the standard-bearer of Scottish nationalism recognised the limits of what he could achieve.After reshaping Scottish politics and bringing his 90-year-old party to the brin

Scottish referendum: yes campaign supporters take stock after loss

Pro-independence campaigners across Scotland come to terms with their defeat, with signs of optimism amid the dejectionAs dawn broke grey, misty and familiar rather than the brave, new one of nationalist dreams it was time to take stock. The last of the no camp revellers departed the victory party at Glasgow's Marriott hotel, their tears, hugs, union flags and chants of "We love Scotland" telli

Forget West Lothian, its the Westminster question | @guardianletters

The opening salvoes in the debate on the West Lothian Question have already been fired by Cameron and Farage, but they are woefully off target (Scotlands history-makers, 19 September). The current arrangements have worked well through changing circumstances over the 35 years since the question was first put and will continue to work. When a joint arrangement is an unequal one between partners of

Citizens of the world unite not fight | @guardianletters

So its a no, but only just. And what a journey. I wonder if it might have made a difference if the yes had been to stay and the no a big negative to the union. There was something about the yes for me, as a Scot living in Birmingham, that made it feel disloyal to Scotland not to want to go with the yes. No might have felt less of a rallying cry and the results might not have been so close. And w

Cameron's 'devolution revolution': what could it mean for the UK? Q&A

What is the West Lothian question, and how might it work? Your post-referendum questions answeredScotland votes no Friday's developmentsThe "vow" signed by David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg which was published in the Daily Record promised "extensive new powers" for the Scottish parliament over income tax rates, spending and welfare, committed them to keeping Scotland's current share o

Alex Salmond to resign as first minister after Scotland rejects independence live

Rolling coverage as Scotlands longest-serving first minister says he will step down following no vote in independence referendum*Alex Salmonds resignation statement in full*Read the lunchtime summary*New readers start here*How referendum night unfolded *Voting day as seen by you 6.46pm BST And thats it for our referendum results day live blog. I merely helped out at the end, bu

Alex Salmond's resignation could give Nicola Sturgeon her day of destiny

Deputy first minister who joined SNP at 16 touted to become first female leader of the Scottish governmentAlex Salmond's shock resignation leaves the way open for 44-year-old Nicola Sturgeon, the woman who many already believed was destined to become the first female leader of the Scottish government.The only bar to an orderly transition Holyrood's health minister, Alex Neil, and the Westmin

Yes supporters' defiance and a love-bombing for Alex Salmond

The pressure is off the first minister now if the economy tanks, it will be Westminster's fault and the same for devo maxThey had come for a party, but the champagne had long since been returned to the offy. With a no vote looking likely by 3am, the Dynamic Earth centre, the modernist glass science museum near Holyrood Palace, had begun to fill up with Scottish National party MSPs and the other

Alex Salmond: poll lead for yes shows disintegration of pro-union campaign

Scotland's first minister cannot hide growing confidence as he says momentum is building towards independenceAround dawn in Edinburgh on Friday, near the Salisbury Crags, a small group of SNP supporters gathered to hear Alex Salmond concede defeat in the referendum. After he left, Susan Maciver was noticeably distressed, her face flooded with tears at the failed bid for independence.Her husb

NHS is Labour's priority in election fight, says Ed Balls

Reform of health service would not be funded by extra taxes, says shadow chancellor touting credible and costed changeLabour will seek to fight the next election on the twin issues of stagnant living standards and safeguarding the NHS, according to Ed Balls, in an interview before the party conference, which begins on Saturday.But the shadow chancellor said voters would only back Labour's pr

Is the current UK political system working for you?

In the wake of the Scotlands rejection of independence, David Cameron has promised a devolution revolution with changes not just for the Scots, but for England too. But what do voters think about the current system in place? We asked our readers to tell us how they feel about UK politics today as well as what theyd like changed. Read the submissions in full on GuardianWitness. What would you cha

Labour proposes devolution settlement to 'shape own futures'

Ed Miliband unveils plans for constitutional convention and stresses need for dialogue about how power is dispersed Live blog, as it happened: Friday's developments on the Scottish referendum resultsLabour has countered David Cameron's plan for English MPs only to vote on English issues in the Commons by saying Ed Miliband will convene a constitutional convention to discuss the future of dev

Were Scottish independence opinion polls misleading?

Opinion polls in the runup to the referendum predicted the final result would be far closer than it was. How wrong they wereScotland votes no: Friday's developmentsScotland's answer was a resounding no and whatever the pollsters and pundits said before the election, the result was not too close to call. The final gap of 10.6 points is a decisive result in a two-horse race, and in reality near

The morning after Scotland voted against independence in pictures

It was a long night for everyone following Thursdays unprecedented referendum vote. Up all night, not necessarily lucky*UK prime minister: We have heard the settled will of the Scottish people Continue reading...

Edinburgh residents after referendum: 'Will Westminster do what they promised?' video

Edinburgh residents give their reaction on Friday to news that Scotland has voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. More than 3.6 million people voted in Thursday's referendum with 55% choosing to reject independence. Some residents express concern that Westminster may not deliver on promises of more power for Scotland Follow Friday's latest post-referendum developments on our live blog Cont

Scottish referendum result a vote for change, says Labour's Ed Miliband

UK opposition leader commits Labour to greater powers for England and Northern Ireland as well as Scotland after no vote Live blog: latest on the Scottish referendum resultsEd Miliband has hailed the Scottish referendum result as a vote for change and committed his party to devolving more powers to the English regions as well as Scotland.In a speech in Glasgow, the opposition Labour party le

Alex Salmond and Jim Murphy unite in praise for teenage voter turnout

Pair also urge Westminster to extend lower voting age across UK in time for next year's general electionWithin hours of the polls closing in Scotland's hard-fought referendum, both first minister Alex Salmond and a key Labour rival, Jim Murphy, expressed delight at the unprecedented involvement of 16 and 17-year-olds and called on Westminster to extend the UK-wide franchise to 1.5 million "excl

Russia cries foul over Scottish independence vote

Russian observers say referendum count took place in rooms that were too big and did not meet international standardsRussia has said the conduct of the Scottish referendum "did not meet international standards", with its observers complaining the count took place in rooms that were too big and that the procedure was badly flawed.In an apparent attempt to mirror persistent western criticism o

Scottish referendum: the readers verdict | @guardianletters

Guardian readers give their views on the result of the independence vote In your editorial on election day (18 September), you say that the debate now should lead to decentralised powers from Westminster. It seems to me that the Tories have been very clever in fact they are already attempting to shore-up their power in London by addressing the West Lothian question, so that Scots MPs cant vote

Ukip's Nigel Farage: England ignored in Scottish independence debate video

Ukip leader Nigel Farage says England has been ignored in the debate over Scottish independence. Farage says he is pleased the union has been maintained but feels that through the devolution process England has become the poor cousin. He accuses prime minister David Cameron of making last-minute financial and constitutional promises to Scotland without consulting parliament Follow Friday's lates

Cameron answers 'English question' and conjures nightmare for Miliband

English votes for English laws pledge could tighten the Tories grip on power and reduce Scotland's voice at Westminster Scottish referendum results latest developmentsThe English question, long buried, has rushed to the centre of British politics as David Cameron announced that devolution of further powers to Scotland will be dependent on a broader agreement that, in future, English MPs alone

Scotland says no to independence Politics Weekly podcast

As Scotland votes to remain part of the United Kingdom, Tom Clark presents a special edition of the podcast from Edinburgh. He hears from supporters of both sides and hears analysis from the Guardian's Nicholas Watt, constitution expert Stephen Tierney, Labour MP Gregg McClymont and radical independence campaigner Cat Boyd Follow Friday's latest post-referendum developments on our live blog Cont News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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