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The Guardian (U.K.) 

David Cameron defends progress on bringing foreign criminals to justice

PM faces criticism of NAO report showing one in six foreign offenders has absconded, including 58 dangerous individualsThe prime minister has told the Commons the buck stops with him, over tackling foreign criminals, following the publication of a highly critical report that has exposed governmental failure to get to grips with the issue.David Cameron said the report, from the National Audit

Fiona Woolf faces new questions from MPs over links with Lord Brittan

MPs not totally satisfied with answers given by head of inquiry into abuse as details of new contact emergeFiona Woolf, the second person appointed to lead the governments inquiry into child abuse, is to be asked by a committee of MPs to clarify discrepancies over her account of meetings with the wife of Lord Brittan, who was home secretary when a dossier about alleged Westminster paedophiles w

Ukip calypso song should be withdrawn, says repentant Mike Read

Ex-Radio 1 DJ has apologised for unintentionally causing offence with ditty he sang in Caribbean accent Ukip spokesman blames right-on media for Reads decisionIs Ukip winning on Facebook and Twitter?The former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read has apologised for his Ukip-supporting calypso song and asked for it to be withdrawn from sale following criticism that it was racist.He said he was sorry for

Universal credit timetable slips again

DWP insists it remains on course to secure savings even though less than 15,000 claimants are currently on new benefits systemThe increasingly vague timetable to put more than seven million benefit claimants on the governments flagship universal credit has again slipped back, the Department of Work and Pensions confirmed on Wednesday.But the DWP insisted it remained on course to secure subst

Punished for writing a letter to the Guardian | @guardianletters

It is not just in the prison service that constructive dissent is discouraged and punished (Sacking threat to prison whistleblowers, 21 October). A culture where staff are expected to keep their heads down, their mouths shut and to toe the line would seem to permeate the whole of the civil service, even in the most minor matters. My husband has just retired after 40 years exemplary service in HM

Cameron hails plan to fast-track devolution for English cities

Report from City Growth Commission says devo met could be achieved on same timetable as devolved powers for ScotlandThe prime minister has welcomed an ambitious proposal to devolve power to UK city regions along the same brisk timetable as the Scottish devolution process, suggesting Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire could gain more autonomy in 2015.The report from the City Growth Commiss

Marbles at noon, ya boo sucks, and other assurances of cogent governance

Huffs, puffs and bickering transform Prime Ministers Questions into something like a drawn-out election campaignThere was only the faintest of thuds as a small bag of marbles hit the bullet-proof glass. Few MPs even noticed as a man was bundled out of the public gallery by a Commons doorkeeper. Projectile protests have been downgraded to the ranks of futile gesture ever since a protective scree

Cameron and Miliband at PMQs: Politics Live blog

Rolling coverage of all the days political developments as they happen, including David Cameron and Ed Miliband at PMQs 4.52pm BST We will not be able to accept any money from the proceeds of this single. As a neutral organisation, we cannot benefit from something which overtly supports one political party. In addition, the Red Cross has a proud history of helping refugees and asylum seeke

Nicky Morgan told to clarify Ofsteds powers to inspect academy chains

Education secretary contradicts Sir Michael Wilshaws claim to MPs that watchdog is unable to inspect management of chainsThe education secretary, Nicky Morgan, has been ordered by MPs to write to the chief inspector of schools after she publicly contradicted him over the watchdogs powers to inspect academy chains.Morgan came under fire over the governments academies and free schools programm

Lord Tebbit suggests young unemployed people should pull up ragwort

Tebbit's letter in which he explains his idea for ragwort to Matt Shardlow, chief executive of the charity Buglife Continue reading...

Make young unemployed pull up ragwort for benefits, says Lord Tebbit

Controversial remarks by former Tory minister also annoy environmentalists who bemoan decline in plant loved by beesThe former Conservative cabinet minister Lord Tebbit has said young unemployed people should be made to pull up ragwort from roadside verges in return for benefits.The 83-year-old Tory grandee made the proposal in a letter to Matt Shardlow, chief executive of a charity called

Duncan Smith: universal credit will generate £7bn in economic benefits

Work and pensions secretary says scheme will bolster economy by allowing an extra 300,000 households to enter employmentUniversal credit, the government scheme to integrate in- and out-of-work tax credits, will generate £7bn in economic benefits annually, largely due to up to an additional 300,000 households finding work once the programme is fully implemented, Iain Duncan Smith, the work and p

David Cameron cracks down on use of charities to fund terrorist organisations

PM publishes draft legislation amid concerns about whether UK is doing enough to stop funding reaching Isis Charities being used as a front for terrorism are facing a further crackdown after David Cameron unveiled new powers and an extra £8m for the charities watchdog.The prime minister announced the new money and a draft protection of charities bill before a meeting of his extremism taskf

Devo max and giving power to cities will boost UK productivity thinktank

Devolving tax and immigration decisions to metropolitan areas and fuller powers for Scotland could lift economy by 5%Allowing cities to set their own tax, immigration and planning policies alongside devo max for Scotland could boost UK productivity by 5%, according to a thinktanks report. The UK needs devo met devolution of power to metropolitan areas as well as north of the border, the Royal

Is Cameron keeping his enemies too close as appetite for Ukip grows?

As Conservatives focus on mimicking Farages populist policies, it seems as if they have lost sight of their own aimsRafael Behr: this is a battle for the soul of British politicsDavid Cameron yesterday played two more rounds in the Imitation Game, hoping he can convince voters his behaviour is in effect equivalent to if not indistinguishable from that of Ukip.He handed out a crossbench peer

John Craces sketch: Total recall? Not likely, say MPs

The governments recall of MPs bill is widely disliked; even minister Greg Clark couldnt summon much enthusiasmFinally, a day MPs could look forward to: a day spent talking about themselves. With Nick Clegg, the Typhoid Mary of constitutional reform, having remembered he wasnt quite so keen on granting the public more powers to recall MPs if changing policy was included as a reason for doing so,

Angry-looking grey men told they will lose campaign for Britain to leave EU

Conservative Eurosceptic Michael Fabricant says those who want UK to exit EU in referendum must craft modern messageMichael Fabricant: The EU outers must win hearts and mindsOpponents of Britains membership of the European Union would lose a referendum if it were held now because the campaign would be run by angry-looking grey men, a leading Conservative Eurosceptic has said.In a sign of t

David Cameron Ukip desperation over MigrationWatch UK founders peerage

Prime minister accused of hurrying through position for Sir Andrew Green in the face of Tory worries about Ukip popularityDavid Cameron has been accused of showing desperation in the face of Ukip by giving a peerage to Sir Andrew Green who leads a group lobbying for lower immigration.Labours leader in the House of Lords, Lady Royall of Blaisdon questioned why Green, founder of MigrationWatch

Labour ministers attack Tory war on NHS in Wales

Welsh government said unfounded criticism by British politicians and media was ploy to win votes and was damaging staff moraleThe Labour-controlled Welsh government on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on British ministers for what it regards as a cynical campaign to ruin the reputation of the NHS in Wales in order to win votes.It has also written to all NHS workers in Wales warning that th

Russell Brand: cancelling debt for ordinary people 'not impossible' - video

Russell Brand says claims that it is 'not possible' to cancel the debt of ordinary people are untrue. He says a revolution by way of organised disobedience, including refusing to pay mortgages and taxes, would take power out of the hands of government and corporation. Brand also says addiction needs to be treated as a health issue rather than an addiction Continue reading...

Breaking the spell of the Tories fairytale economics | @guardianletters

Ha-Joon Chang powerfully argues the case that it was an economic fairytale which led Britain to stagnation (Opinion, 20 October). It may be added that our universities bear a heavy responsibility for this situation. Certainly, it cannot be denied that the fairytale paradigm (supply-and-demand, competition in the market, and all the rest of it) can be applied to any economic issue. The point, how

Nigel Farage deal with Polish far-right party raises serious questions

Leading British Jewish group criticises Ukips fund saving tie-up with Congress of the New Right MEP Robert IwaszkiewiczBritains leading Jewish organisation has accused Nigel Farage of putting Ukips credibility on the line by striking a deal with a far-right Polish party whose leader has a history of Holocaust denial and racist and misogynistic comments.The Board of Deputies of British Jews

MPs debate the recall bill: Politics live blog

Rolling coverage of all the days political developments as they happen, including MPs debating the second reading of the recall bill 4.56pm BST I think this shabby pretence at reform needs to be profoundly amended and with the help of a very considerable number of colleagues I hope to do so at the committee stage. And the goal will simply be to put voters in charge but with enough checks a

Right up there with the greatest protest songs: why is the Ukip Calypso getting five-star reviews on Amazon?

A rash of reviewers are rushing to laud Mike Reads anti-immigration song. But not all their comments can be taken at face valueOn Monday morning, the Ukip Calypso by the Independents had garnered three five-star reviews on Amazon. At the time of writing the number had grown to 128. Masterpiece and genius were just two of the superlatives used to describe the track, which sees Mike Read the form

Tory party returns impermissible donation linked to Russian banker

Electoral Commission says it was not clear Henley Concierge Limited, associated with exile Andrei Borodin, was trading in UKThe Conservative party has handed back a £28,000 donation from a company believed to be associated with an exiled Russian banker which the Electoral Commission has ruled is an impermissible donor.Conservative central office accepted the sum from a company called Henley

Child abuse inquiry: Woolf pressed to quit over dinner parties with Brittan

Abuse victims demand her resignation after it emerged that Tory peer, who was home secretary when abuse dossier went missing, is a neighbourFiona Woolf, the second person to lead the governments inquiry into child abuse, is facing parliamentary and legal pressure to stand down after it emerged she was on dinner-party terms with Lord Brittan, who was home secretary when a dossier about alleged W

Nigel Farage fined £200 for failure to declare free office space

Ukip leader inadvertently broke electoral law when he failed to declare donation in kind, Electoral Commission rulesNigel Farage, the Ukip leader, has been fined £200 for breaking electoral law after he failed to declare that he was getting office space free.He has already paid the penalty after the Electoral Commission found he had not reported the donations in kind from John Longhurst sinc

MigrationWatch chairman Sir Andrew Green appointed as a peer

Labour accuses David Cameron of desperation over thinktank chiefs peerage, suggesting it is a response to Ukip popularity Sir Andrew Green, the long-term chairman of the thinktank MigrationWatch UK, has been made a peer by David Cameron.Labour immediately accused the prime minister of desperation, suggesting it was responding to the rising popularity of Ukip and attempting to prove the Con

Ken Clarke suggests more Tories should defect to Ukip

Pro-European Tory says there are some noisy members  who Ive always thought should be in Ukip rather than our partyTory grandee Ken Clarke has suggested he would like to see more of his Conservative colleagues defect to Ukip as he urged his party not to give in to ignorance and bigotry over immigration.Clarke, a pro-European who served in David Camerons cabinet until earlier this year, urged

Miliband to sharpen Europe strategy as Cameron hardens line on immigration

Pat McFadden appointed shadow minister to make hard-headed case for EU as PM responds to election threat from FarageThe pre-election battle lines over Europe were drawn up on Monday as the Blairite former business minister Pat McFadden was appointed shadow Europe minister and Downing Street confirmed David Cameron would harden his stance on EU immigration before Christmas.In a sign Ed Miliba News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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