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The Guardian (U.K.) 

Scottish independence: 1m voters sign declaration in favour of split

Yes Scotland campaign hails milestone that Alex Salmond predicted would show Scotland would become independentMore than 1 million voters have signed a declaration in favour of Scottish independence, according to the pro-independence campaign Yes Scotland.When the yes declaration was launched along with the official yes campaign in May 2012, the first minister, Alex Salmond, said that if the

UK should join US in bombing Isis militants, says ex-head of army

Lord Dannatt also says Britain should open talks with Assad in Syria, after Washington signals it might extend fight against IsisBritain should join America and start bombing militants from Islamic State (Isis), Richard Dannatt, the former head of the army, has suggested. Continue reading...

West Midlands crime commissioner vote turnout could be as low as 10.5%

Figure revealed after ballots in four of seven areas verified in police and crime commissioner byelection costing taxpayer £3.7mTurnout in an election costing the taxpayer £3.7m to select the new West Midlands police and crime commissioner could be as low as 10.5%, say officials.Election officials revealed the figure after ballots in four of seven areas which make up the police region were v

Sale of the century: the privatisation scam

Privatisation promised to turn the UK into an island of small shareholders. It failed: the faceless state bureaucrats have been replaced by faceless (better-paid) private bureaucrats and big foreign corporations. How did we get to this point?Train fares are going up. We learned that last week, although "learn" is putting it strongly. We knew they would. It's not as if they would go down: train

Scottish independence referendum weekly review: from Arbroath to Edinburgh, via my wisdom teeth

A rash of declarations, the NHS, BBC and oil (again), the perspective from the islands and a million signatures for yesAs the referendum draws inexorably near, folk seem to be declaring all over the ruddy place: Arbroath, Edinburgh...the squirrel outside my bedroom window this morning looked very much like he was ready to declare nuts free at the point of burial.Over the weekend, it was no

HSBC chief says Scottish independence could prompt capital flight

Uncertainty over sterling currency union risks 'parlous finances', warns Douglas FlintUncertainty over Scotland's currency arrangements could prompt capital flight from the country, leaving its financial system in a "parlous state", the chairman of HSBC bank has warned.Douglas Flint said the sterling currency union was the anchor from which Scotland derived its economic success and financial

Should there be all-women shortlists?

Parliamentary candidates from the three main UK political parties and the Greens and Ukip share their thoughts on whether letting only women stand in some seats can help redress the gender imbalance in WestminsterInteractive: does parliament have a woman problem?Conservative parliamentary candidate for Telford I dont want to see women just gifted safe seats on a plate. I think thats wro

Carol Mills breaks silence on row over House of Commons post

She was the subject of an email sent by the clerk of the Senate to the House of Commons, warning against her appointmentThe Australian parliamentary officer at the centre of a bitter dispute in Australia and Britain over efforts to appoint her as clerk of the House of Commons has broken her silence about the affair.Carol Mills, currently the secretary of the Australian department of parlia

Politics Live blog - readers edition: Friday 22 August

Share breaking news, leave links to interesting articles online and chat about the weeks political events in our open threadAndrew Sparrows not writing his usual Politics Live blog today, but, as an alternative, heres Politics Live: readers edition. Its intended to be a place where you can catch up with the latest news and find links to good politics blogs and articles on the web.Please fe

Calling all unpaid interns a Tory MP needs you | Diary

The job description is ambiguous, but of course it would be its party orders Do you want to work unpaid for a Tory MP? Youre in luck! There are currently 14 ads for unpaid interns on, despite the fact there is no such thing as an intern under British law youre either a worker who must be paid or a volunteer who has no set hours or tasks. One ad for a parliamentary intern/volunteer

Isis beheading video brings calls for rethink of UK domestic terrorism fight

James Foley killing and broadcast by hunted 'British' jihadi spur MPs to seek wider campaign against UK extremist groupsThe UK government was under pressure to rethink its approach to tackling domestic extremism as security services, led by MI5, intensified the search for a masked jihadi, suspected of being a British citizen, who is believed to have beheaded US journalist James Foley in Syria.

Jack Straw and Margaret Beckett wade into Commons clerk appointment row

Pair raise questions about plans to appoint an Australian parliamentary official to senior unelected post at WestminsterJohn Bercow, the Commons Speaker, suffered a significant setback on Thursday night when Jack Straw and Dame Margaret Beckett became the most senior figures at Westminster to raise questions about plans to appoint an Australian parliamentary official to the most senior unelecte

Wheres the outrage over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership? | @guardianletters

Taxpayers may be outraged to find themselves picking up the bill of £224m because an arbitration tribunal found against the government in its dispute with Raytheon over an e-borders contract (Taxpayer to pick up £224m bill for fiasco of e-borders contract, 19 August). This sum will be peanuts compared to what we will be shelling out if the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) un

Danny Alexander: Lord Rennard will not be involved in election campaign

Chief secretary to the Treasury makes statement after Vince Cable suggests Lib Dems might want to use peer's 'expertise'Danny Alexander, chief secretary to the Treasury, has made clear that Lord Rennard will play no role during the Liberal Democrat general election campaign after Vince Cable, the business secretary, suggested the party would want to use the peer's "expertise".As Labour front

David Cameron: James Foley beheading suspect looks 'increasingly likely' to be a British citizen video

The British prime minister, David Cameron, says that the man involved in the murder of American journalist James Foley is likely to be British. Cameron says the UK government will redouble its efforts to stop British citizens travelling to join IS (formerly known as ISIS) but no British combat troops will be deployed on the ground. Cameron says that he is prepared to consider even tougher laws to

Politics Live blog - readers edition: Thursday 21 August

Share breaking news, leave links to interesting articles online and chat about the weeks political events in our open threadAndrew Sparrows not writing his usual Politics Live blog today, but, as an alternative, heres Politics Live: readers edition. Its intended to be a place where you can catch up with the latest news and find links to good politics blogs and articles on the web.Please fe

Father of NT minister's homophobic abuse victim apologises for story

Country Liberal Gary Higgins apologises to deputy chief minister David Tollner over story about homophobic slurs against his sonA Northern Territory politician and father of a staffer who was subject to homophobic remarks by the deputy chief minister, David Tollner, has apologised to Tollner for the incident reaching the media.The member for Daly, Gary Higgins, released a statement on Thur

Fears over Commons appointee's alleged link to CCTV spying in Australia

Call for delay in appointing Carol Mills to senior Westminster post, as Australian senate committee investigates surveillanceJohn Bercow, the Commons speaker, has suffered a blow after the former Tory minister Damian Green raised questions about plans to give a senior Westminster post to an Australian parliamentary official who is facing questions over the monitoring of a senator's office by CC

How Labour MPs got wise to Ed the undercover Tory | Diary

Gloria De Piero and Jon Ashworth think they know his real name and it isnt James Bond The Labour MPs Gloria De Piero and Jon Ashworth suspected a Tory plant on their seaside express tour, a trip for young Labour activists to meet each other, knock on doors and raise peoples interest in joining the party. A chap calling himself Ed turned up for the day in Lowestoft, from Oxford University, even

UK launches Ebola research drive

Department for International Development and Wellcome Trust want research commissioned and completed within two monthsThe international development secretary, Justine Greening, has launched an emergency research initiative to look into spread of Ebola, which has claimed more than 1,200 lives in west Africa.The £6.5m programme co-funded by the Wellcome Trust was announced a day after a direct

Call to bar Lord Rennard from Liberal Democrat group in House of Lords

Expel peer, say Bridget Harris and Susan Gaszczak, who were among alleged victims of sexually inappropriate behaviourVictims of allegedly sexually inappropriate behaviour by Chris Rennard on Wednesday night called on Nick Clegg to ensure the peer is expelled from the Liberal Democrat group in the House of Lords.Bridget Harris and Susan Gaszczak, whose evidence was described in a report by QC

George Osborne denies 'undue pressure' in Lloyds and Co-op talks

Chancellor admits the Treasury was in regular contact with both parties over failed bid to purchase 600 Lloyds branchesGeorge Osborne has admitted the Treasury was in regular contact with both parties involved in the Co-operative Bank's ill-fated attempt to buy more than 600 branches from Lloyds Banking Group, but has denied ministers exerted undue political pressure over the deal.Concluding

Why Scottish yes vote could be great for England | @guardianletters

There are two good reasons for Scotland voting for independence, and one for it voting against (Polly Toynbee, Shared values matter more than where the border lies, 19 August). England needs independence as much as Scotland. The continuation of the UK encourages the English establishment to strut around with the delusion that Great Britain is still a very important country. Independence would ob

Nicholas Russell obituary

My brother-in-law, Nicholas Russell, the sixth Earl Russell, who has died of a heart attack aged 45, was a tireless campaigner for disability rights. Perhaps his greatest achievement, while he was campaigns officer for the Royal National Institute for the Blind, was to campaign successfully for guide dogs to be permitted in taxis, and the resulting legislation, Private Hire Vehicles (Carriage of

Lords majorities are not good | @guardianletters

Paul Tyler (Letters, 14 August) is wrong to argue that in practice the coalition is in a minority in the Lords. Not so. Most crossbenchers, unwhipped of course, do not regularly vote, and those that do break around 40% for the government. The coalition only has such a strong working majority in the Lords precisely and perversely because it is so weak in the Commons. I was a Labour Lords minister

Ex-Lib Dem activist criticises 'lack of backbone' over Rennard suspension video

Former Liberal Democrat activist Susan Gaszczak, who resigned her membership in July over the party's failure to expel Lord Rennard, says the Lib Dems lack 'backbone' after lifting his suspension. Susan Gaszczak was one of four women who alleged that Rennard touched them inappropriately, prompting an investigation to be launched which concluded there was insufficient evidence Continue reading...

Orkney and Shetland islanders already winning Scotlands independence debate

Scotlands oil and fish-rich northern isles have a powerful symbolic hold for Scots, giving them political leverage with both yes and no camps that belies their sizeOrkneys farmers are a phlegmatic bunch. Sitting at the livestock auction in the town of Kirkwall, coolly assessing the bullocks and heifers, the men bid for the cattle with a quick flick of the fingers before offering blunt and unsen

English voters want Scottish spending cut after no vote, survey shows

Future of England Survey 2014 reveals attitudes hardening whichever way Scotland votes in September referendumEnglish voters oppose sharing the pound with an independent Scotland, want public spending there reduced in the event of a no vote and are broadly pessimistic about future relations between the two countries, according to new research that suggests a hardening of attitudes regardless of

David Cameron: I can manage the country on my BlackBerry

UK prime minister confesses reliance on BlackBerry smartphone for remotely running the government while on holidayDavid Cameron has confessed his reliance on his BlackBerry smartphone, despite the possibility that the company will cease making phones.The prime minister said that he could run government remotely from his smartphone, despite being on holiday. Continue reading...

Labour unveils plans to crackdown on energy industry abuses

New regulator under Labour would be able to revoke licences of suppliers that repeatedly act against interests of customersA new energy regulator under a Labour government would be given the power to revoke licences of any suppliers which repeatedly act against the interests of customers, the shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint will announce on Thursday. Continue reading... News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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