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The Guardian (U.K.) 

Tory MP cautioned for domestic abuse faces disciplinary investigation

Conservatives take action after dean of St Edmundsbury cathedral writes to David Ruffley saying he should step downThe Tory MP who received a police caution for assaulting his ex-girlfriend is to face a disciplinary investigation conducted by chief whip Michael Gove.David Ruffley, MP for Bury St Edmunds, will be called to a meeting with Gove to discuss his conduct, after a complaint was sent

Scottish prisoners refused right to vote in referendum by supreme court

Court dismisses attempt by Leslie Moohan and Andrew Gillon, serving life sentences for murder, to overturn voting banA bid by two Scottish prisoners to overturn a ban on inmates voting in the independence referendum has been dismissed by the UK supreme court.Leslie Moohan, 31, and Andrew Gillon, 46, are serving life sentences for murder and had argued that the ban on taking part in September

Green party calls for wealth tax on assets of multimillionaires

Party says levy would affect around 300,000 people with assets of more than £3m the richest 1% of people in the UKThe Green party has called for a wealth tax of up to 2% on the assets of multimillionaires that it believes could raise more than £40bn a year.Presenting the radical new proposal, Natalie Bennett, the Green leader, said other political parties only offered minor tweaks to the UK'

Retiring clerk of Commons makes plea for Speaker to remain neutral

Sir Robert Rogers is retiring early as parliament's chief constitutional adviser amid claims of rows with John BercowThe retiring clerk of the House of Commons, Sir Robert Rogers, has made a plea for the Speaker to remain a neutral figure who acts as a servant of MPs as he defends his record as a moderniser of parliament in the face of suggestions that he has put Commons traditions before its r

Rennard and Ruffley undermine their own parties | @guardianletters

We would like to respond to the deeply unhelpful comment that senior Lib Dems fear the party could suffer at the election because of the suspension of Lord Rennard (Report, 22 July). While it is true that Chris Rennard was a talented campaigns chief to whom many senior Lib Dems no doubt owe their careers, he was not uniquely so, nor flawlessly. Our letter published in this paper in January (18 J

Police to investigate Cyril Smith child abuse cover-up claims

Liberal Democrat politician, who died in 2010, is alleged to have sexually abused young boys at Knowl View School in RochdaleA criminal investigation is to be launched into an alleged cover-up of child abuse at a school linked to Sir Cyril Smith.The Liberal Democrat politician, who died in 2010, is alleged to have used his status to sexually abuse young boys with impunity at Knowl View School i

Tony Blair Faith Foundation is anything but mysterious | @guardianletters

The most basic research by Simon Jenkins would have shown him that it is totally wrong to assert that the Tony Blair Faith Foundation is mysterious (Tony Blair sees his millions as modest only in the world of the super rich, 22 July). On our website and through all our external communications we make absolutely clear what we do. The foundations charitable mission is to provide the practical supp

Russian ambassador gives press conference: Politics live blog

Lunchtime summaryRussian ambassador's press conference - SummaryAfternoon summary 4.30pm BST Alexander Yakovenko, the Russian ambassador to the UK, has said that sanctions against Russia will trigger a global crisis. He made the claim at a defiant press conference where he insisted that Russia was not to blame for the shooting down of flight MH17. A few words about the Western sancti

MP who admitted assaulting ex-partner has 'lost confidence of constituency'

Dean of cathedral in David Ruffley's Bury St Edmunds constituency says MP's position has become untenableA Tory MP who has apologised after receiving a police caution for a domestic assault has lost the confidence of his constituency, a member of the clergy has warned.Former shadow police minister David Ruffley said his former partner had accepted his apology for the incident in which he was

Prisoners fight ban on voting in Scottish independence referendum

Two men serving life for murder claim exclusion from September's poll violates their human rightsTwo prisoners are to ask the supreme court to overturn a ban on inmates voting in Scotland's independence referendum.Leslie Moohan, 31, and Andrew Gillon, 46, are serving life sentences for murder and claim the ban on taking part in September's poll infringes their human rights under European law

Reframing Miliband: Labour faces up to the 'Ed problem' but is it too late?

The aim is to pitch Miliband as a decent, modest man of principle, but by now many voters will have made up their mindsA week before the 2001 general election, Labour deployed a poster featuring Margaret Thatcher's unmistakable hairdo superimposed on the balding head of William Hague, then Tory leader. The caption read: "Get out and vote or they get in." It was a crude effort to inject some urg

Stephen Batess Diary

But theres no mention of Northern Rocks bailout as he receives the rightwing Institute of Economic Affairs Free Enterprise award How chaps look out for one another, an occasional series: this years lucky recipient of the rightwing Institute of Economic Affairs Free Enterprise award turns out to be the Fifth Viscount Ridley, aka the Timess columnist Matt Ridley, whose family owns a large chunk o

David Cameron considers basing himself in Scotland before referendum

Lib Dems oppose idea of prime minister spending up to two weeks in Scotland, claiming he could damage the no campaignDavid Cameron is considering basing himself in Scotland for much of the last two weeks of the Scottish referendum campaign, in a move opposed by Liberal Democrat cabinet colleagues who say he could damage the no campaign.Liberal Democrat figures privately insist that Cameron i

How the public views party leaders on the left-right scale

YouGov asked respondents to place party leaders from the Blair era to today on a scale from 'very leftwing' to 'very rightwing'. Here's who appeared whereYouGov has used tracking data compiled over the last 12 years to show how left- or rightwing the public thinks British political parties and their leaders are.Ed Miliband emerges as the most leftwing leader and under his leadership the La

David Cameron's speech in Glasgow: Politics live blog

Lunchtime summaryCameron's speech and Q&A - Summary 4.13pm BST David Cameron has said that politicians should champion foreign investment, not be embarrassed about it. In a very pro-business speech in Glasgow, he also said businesses should insist on the right to use embassy premises for receptions, and that Britain should aim to achieve some commercial benefit from the money it is spend

Is breakfast TV the perfect training ground for politicians?

The news that Selina Scott is thinking of standing for the Conservatives adds yet another name to the growing listIt is a question to rival Mrs Merton's famous inquiry of Debbie McGee: "What first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?" What do political parties see in the telegenic, media-savvy, warmth-and-empathy-laden presenters of populist breakfast television shows with their huge,

Lib Dem MP David Ward apologises over Gaza comments

Bradford East MP says he condemns violence on both sides of conflict but will continue to speak out for rights of PalestiniansThe Liberal Democrat MP David Ward has issued a partial apology for saying he would probably fire a rocket into Israel if he lived in Gaza, after his party threatened disciplinary action.Ward said his comments were "not in support of firing rockets into Israel" and he

Lib Dem David Ward refuses to apologise for Gaza tweet

MP says he does not condone firing of rockets into Israel but 'I understand why people are so desperate that they are doing it'The Liberal Democrat MP David Ward has refused to apologise for saying he would probably fire a rocket into Israel if he lived in Gaza, despite his party "utterly condemning" the comments.The Lib Dems said they would treat the comments as a disciplinary matter, a yea

Boris Johnson may pull out of tennis match with Russian ex-minister's wife

Lubov Chernukhin made winning bid of £160,000 at Tory fundraising auction for match with mayor and David CameronBoris Johnson has indicated he could pull out of a tennis match that was bought at a Tory fundraising auction for £160,000 by the wife of a former minister in Vladimir Putin's government.The London mayor is due to play a match with David Cameron and Lubov Chernukhin, the wife of Vl

Frank Dobson to retire as Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras

Tributes paid to former Blair health secretary as he announces decision not to stand for ninth term at 2015 electionThe veteran Labour MP Frank Dobson has confirmed that he will step down at Britain's 2015 general election.The former cabinet minister formally announced his decision not to seek a ninth straight general election win at a meeting of party members. "I have decided to pack in w

Lib Dem MP David Ward facing disciplinary action for Gaza tweets

The MP tweeted: 'the big question is - if I lived in #Gaza would I fire a rocket? - probably yes'A Liberal Democrat MP is facing disciplinary action for saying he would probably fire a rocket into Israel if he lived in Gaza a year after being temporarily suspended by the party for offensive remarks on the same subject.The Liberal Democrats said the party "utterly condemns" comments made by D

Stephen Batess diary: Obamas gift to Ed Miliband

The Labour leader gave the president some box-set DVDs, so what did the president give him? The really important question from Ed Milibands visit to the White House to meet Barack Obama on Monday: what was in the rumpled, green House of Commons plastic bag that the British delegation was clutching when they met the president? Its right there in the photos as the leader of the western world and

Schools face new curbs on extremism after Birmingham Trojan horse affair

Education secretary Nicky Morgan announces reforms after Peter Clarke's damning report on Muslim extremist infiltrationA raft of reforms to school accountability, including an education commissioner for Birmingham, inspections of city academy chains and new oversight of school governors, were announced on Tuesday by the education secretary in response to a damning report into extremist infiltra

Calls for Tory MP to stand down as trade envoy over Russian business links

Cameron's advisor Charles Hendry heads body promoting Russo-British trade as MPs urger stronger sanctionsOne of David Cameron's trade envoys and former ministers is facing calls to stand down over for his links to a pro-Russian business group.Charles Hendry, a Tory MP and former energy minister, is listed as president of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, leading an advisory council that

Tory minister's former cleaner 'will not be deported immediately'

Isabella Acevedo, former cleaner of Mark Harper being held at Yarl's Wood, is told she will not fly on Thursday nightIsabella Acevedo: the immigration minister's cleaner stuck in Yarl's WoodIsabella Acevedo, the Colombian cleaner who worked for the Tory minister Mark Harper and was arrested at her daughter's wedding last week, has been told she will not be deported on Thursday evening, accord

Nicky Morgan steers clear of the swamp over Trojan horse report

Education secretary refuses to get bogged down by MP's question over investigation into Birmingham schoolsIt was a pacifying exercise of epic proportion, until someone lobbed in "the S word". Theresa May and Michael Gove, still sporting the bruises from their bust-up over extremism, sat as the newly recruited education secretary administered the brand of balm which Cameron hopes she might utili

Lib Dem report calls for party to restore activist morale

The report said the Liberal Democrats made a mistake by placing themselves 'as the direct opponents to Ukip'An internal Liberal Democrat report has revealed "evidently low morale" among party members and identified the U-turn on tuition fees, their alliance with the Tories and Nick Clegg's decision to do television debates with Nigel Farage as the reasons for the party's poor results in the Eur

How special is Ed Miliband's relationship with Barack Obama?

Following the release of photographs of the meeting of the US president and the Labour leader in a smallish office at the White House, we put our spin on what they were really thinking The much-trailed by one side at least "brush-by" meeting between Ed Miliband and Barack Obama has taken place. As if the golden glow of a newly prime ministerial aura around Britain's top gonk were not enough to

Isabella Acevedo: the immigration minister's cleaner stuck in Yarl's Wood

Isabella Acevedo was snatched by immigration officials from her own daughter's wedding and now faces deportation, while Mark Harper, who resigned when it emerged he employed her for less than £10 an hour, is back in government. She tells her story here Alex Andreou on the Mark Harper affairIsabella Acevedo gazes out at the farmyard-themed play area outside the visiting room at the Yarl's Wood

Tories face calls to hand back £160k given by Russian for tennis match

Wife of deputy finance minister under Putin in 2000, won auction at fundraising event to play with Cameron and JohnsonThe Conservative party is facing calls to hand back £160,000 given to its general election fighting fund by the wife of a former minister in Vladamir Putin's government after she won an auction at a fundraising event.Lubov Chernukhin, the wife of Vladamir Chernukhin, deputy f News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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