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The Guardian (U.K.) 

Cameron announces anti-terror measures in Commons statement: Politics live blog

*Lunchtime summary*John Bercow backs down over Commons clerk appointment 6.30pm BST Here are two ascerbic comments on Camerons statement from commentators on Twitter.From my Guardian colleague Rafael BehrDramatic new govt line on combatting terror: something will definitely be done and you'll find out what just as soon as we've worked it out.Camerons temporary exclusion idea for

Johnson won't back Heathrow expansion as 'Boris Island' idea sinks

Mayor says third runway at London's busiest airport would be disaster, as plans for Thames estuary hub are groundedBoris Johnson has signalled he will continue to battle Heathrow expansion, despite being told that his plans for a four-runway Thames estuary hub are to be rejected by the airports commission.Sir Howard Davies, the commission chair, who Boris Johnson has frequently antagonised,

Plebgate officer sent text saying she could 'topple Tory government'

Text is published in report on Met's investigation into Downing Street incident that ended Andrew Mitchell's cabinet careerAn armed Metropolitan police officer who was on duty in Downing Street on the night of the Plebgate incident involving the former chief whip Andrew Mitchell texted a colleague two days later to say that she could "topple the Tory government". Continue reading...

Cameron on anti-terror measures: 'passports are not an automatic right' - video

David Cameron announces new anti-terror measures in the House of Commons, including giving police powers to seize passports and ban terror suspects from returning to the UK. Cameron says 'passports are not an automatic right' and new legislation will give police officers the power to remove passports from suspected jihadists trying to leave the country without having to get the home secretary's ap

Scottish independence: 18 days to referendum - live

Follow our rolling coverage of the Scottish independence referendum campaign as the deadline for voter registration nears 5.57pm BST Both sides in the referendum campaign have urged Scottish residents to ensure that they submit their registration forms to vote in the independence referendum as the deadline for registration looms. Would-be voters have until midnight on Tuesday to register.

John Bercow delays recruitment of Commons clerk and chief executive

Speaker announces 'modest pause' in appointment to consider whether to split role and to hold pre-appointment hearingJohn Bercow, the Commons speaker, has announced a "modest pause" in the recruitment of a new clerk and chief executive of the House of Commons amid widespread opposition to his plans to appoint an official from the Australian parliament.Tory MPs sought to interrupt the speaker

Plebgate: the reports key points

Scotland Yards investigation into claims Andrew Mitchell called police officers plebs has resulted in four officers being dismissedScotland Yard has released material from its investigation into the Plebgate affair. The investigation, Operation Alice, examined allegations that police officers conspired to lie and falsify statements against the former cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell. Here are t

'Plebgate' CCTV video footage released by Metropolitan police

CCTV footage released by the Metropolitan police on Monday showing an exchange at the gates of Downing Street between the then-Conservative chief whip Andrew Mitchell and four police officers. One video shot from inside Downing Street shows a passerby stop and watch the incident as the MP leaves via a side gate. Another camera captures Mitchell gesticulating at officers before dismounting from his

Eurosceptic Tory MP Chris Kelly quits

Conservative MP for Dudley South wishes Ukip defector Douglas Carswell best of luck as he joins list of party departuresAnother Eurosceptic Conservative MP has announced his intention to stand down from parliament, adding that he wished Ukip defector Douglas Carswell "all the best". Continue reading...

David Cameron gives spy agencies power to vet airline flight lists

New access granted as Saudi king says Europe faces attack unless it acts fastDavid Cameron will make it easier for intelligence agencies to access information about airline passengers and announce measures to intensify cooperation with Turkey and Germany as the government moves to stem the flow of British-born jihadis travelling to and from Syria and Iraq.As the king of Saudi Arabia warned t

Gordon Brown blamed for Labour's lost credibility on economy

Chuka Umunna criticises former prime minister and admits party is struggling to make breakthrough on economyGordon Brown dealt a blow to Labour's economic credibility by wrongly giving the impression in his final year as prime minister that the party failed to understand the importance of tackling Britain's unprecedented peacetime budget deficit, the shadow business secretary, Chuka Umunna, has

Tories should give Ukip free run in Clacton, MP suggests

Nigel Evans suggests Conservatives should not fight Douglas Carswell in next month's Clacton byelectionThe Conservative party should consider giving Douglas Carswell a free rein and not field a candidate in the forthcoming Clacton byelection after a poll showed that the Ukip defector would trounce the Tories, the backbencher Nigel Evans has said.As senior party figures played down the prospe

John Bercow urged to scrap plans to appoint Carol Mills as clerk

MPs from across the House are continuing to oppose the Speaker's favourite for the managerial roleMPs are planning to maintain the pressure on the Speaker, John Bercow, to abandon plans to appoint a senior official from the Australian parliament to take charge of the management of the House of Commons.Bercow is expected to make a statement to MPs on Monday afternoon to explain interim arrang

Douglas Carswell, Clacton, Ukip and coastal culture | @guardianletters

On the day the MP for Clacton defects to Ukip (Defection to Ukip puts pressure on Cameron, 29 August), the third Folkestone Triennial opens (A nugget and spade resort? The 2014 gold rush, 29 August). These might seem unconnected, but the problems of coastal towns, with their glamorous seaside image long gone and with only half the economic hinterland of any other town, are shared around the coun

New powers are not needed on passports | @guardianletters

The governments claim that it needs new powers to deny British passports is false. In April 2013 it said passport facilities may be refused to or withdrawn from British nationals who may seek to harm the UK or its allies by travelling on a British passport to, for example, engage in terrorism-related activity or other serious or organised criminal activity. Nothing has changed since then. No new

Gordon Brown's battle for Britain: 'You have to think about 100 years down the line'

The former Labour prime minister on why it's so important for him to campaign for the No vote in the Scottish independence referendum and what Amy Winehouse said to Nelson MandelaEvery time we try to make a getaway Gordon Brown is grabbed by another Scottish elder just a quick word, a reminisce, a photo. This is the former prime minister in his heartland South Lanarkshire council HQ, Hamilton,

Scottish universities braced for brain drain if country votes for independence

Senior education figures voice fears about loss of funding and departure of top scientists in the event of a yes voteScotland's top universities are bracing themselves for a brain drain of their most talented scientists if there is a yes vote for independence, with some academics already prepared to relocate.Senior academics and university executives told the Guardian they believed Scotland'

UK weighs joining air strikes as RAF drops aid into besieged Iraqi town

Hercules aircraft deliver food and water to Amerli as Britain keeps options open on participating in US strikes against IsisRAF Hercules aircraft dropped 14 tonnes of food and water on the besieged Iraqi town of Amerli on Saturday night, the defence secretary, Michael Fallon, has said as he confirmed that Britain is keeping open the option of joining US air strikes against Islamic State (Isis)

Michael Fallon hits out at Ashdown's criticism of 'kneejerk' response

Defence secretary warns of 'very real threats' from extremists as he defends Conservative response to terrorism threatTensions between Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats over how to counter the terrorism threat from extremists has blown into the open after the defence secretary, Michael Fallon, dismissed claims by Paddy Ashdown that Tory ministers are guilty of kneejerk responses.Speaki

Ukip set for landslide win in Clacton byelection, says opinion poll

44-point lead predicted for Douglas Carswell, whose defection from the Tories to Nigel Farage's party shocked WestminsterUkip could deliver a humiliating blow to David Cameron in the runup to next year's general election following the defection of former Conservative MP Douglas Carswell, according to an opinion poll. Continue reading...

Scottish referendum: after the debate, it's time to set better rules

Political TV showdowns are notoriously hard to stage, but we could probably learn from America's exampleRules are rules, and in 2010 there were 72 of them. Another bureaucratic EU imposition? Of course not: just Britain's political leaders and squads of sweating television executives finally agreeing detailed terms for our first proper exercise in TV election debates.Rule 40 says the studio

Crackdown on British jihadis 'will push youth further towards extremism'

Muslim Council of Britain says constant talk of legislation and monitoring is leading marginalised Muslims towards radicalismDavid Cameron's renewed crackdown on British-born extremists will push marginalised young people further towards radicalisation, the UK's biggest Muslim organisation has said.Harun Khan, deputy secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), raised concerns a

Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage: their wit and wisdom

Foot is rarely far from mouth where the London mayor and the leader of Ukip are concerned. As the pair announce plans to stand for parliament, we dip into their verbal back catalogueBoris Johnson, the mayor of London, and the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, last week announced plans to stand, respectively, in the constituencies of Uxbridge and South Thanet. As the gaffe-prone politicians get ready t

David Cameron is caught between the virtues and vices of Europe

In Brussels this weekend the PM will plead for a European response to the crises in Ukraine and Iraq. But at home he has to appear stridently anti-EU to placate the right of his partyDavid Cameron has become accustomed to going to EU summits to fight battles over the budget, veto treaties, or try to block appointments of federalists.In December 2011 he famously stood in the way of an EU-wide

Paddy Ashdown slams 'kneejerk' Tory response to jihadi terror threat

Intervention comes as Cameron prepares anti-terror message, with prime minister criticised over 'damaging' rhetoricTensions between Conservatives and Liberal Democrats over how to counter the terrorism threat from extremists have been exposed as Paddy Ashdown accuses Tory ministers of "kneejerk" responses and of stoking fear in the minds of the British people.The former Liberal Democrat lead

Poll: Boris Johnson public favourite to succeed David Cameron as Tory leader

The Mayor of London is seen as more right wing and more likely than his potential competitors to inspire peopleBoris Johnson is favoured by more Tory voters as the successor to David Cameron than two of his main rivals, Theresa May and George Osborne, according to a new Opinium/Observer poll.The Mayor of London, who recently announced that he is aiming to stand as the MP for Uxbridge and Sou

Ed Miliband to put NHS at centre of general election campaign

Labour leader is reportedly considering excluding health service from spending cuts and introducing tax to increase funding for itEd Miliband will put healthcare at the centre of his general election campaign in a bid to capitalise on voters' concerns about the NHS, a senior Labour source has confirmed.The party believes it can win over the electorate in marginal constituencies where healthc

Scottish women may swing the referendum vote with three weeks to go

As the yes campaign reached 47%, signs of a switch by women, who polls showed had been supporters of the union, could be decisiveLess than three weeks before the referendum on Scottish independence, the forces of nationalism have suddenly appeared on the final bend of the campaign race and are picking up the pace.One poll last week put the yes vote on 47%, but the "no" campaign has been quic

Man charged over George Galloway assault

Police arrest 39-year-old man after MP suffers suspected broken jaw and rib in attack in LondonA man has been charged with religiously aggravated assault after allegedly attacking George Galloway on a London street on Friday evening, police have said.The Bradford West MP was released from hospital on Saturday morning having suffered a suspected broken jaw and rib as well as facial bruising.

Miliband calls for tougher action on Britons travelling to Iraq and Syria

Labour leader says government should revisit decision to scrap control orders for terror suspectsThe government should take tougher action to prevent would-be British jihadis from travelling to Iraq and Syria to fight for Islamic State (Isis) and force those who return to Britain to undergo a process of "de-radicalisation", Ed Miliband has said.The Labour leader said the government should re News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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