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The Guardian (U.K.) 

UK exporters feeling the heat from eurozone crisis

Leaders need to move quickly towards to solve the Greek debt crisis, CBI warnsThe CBI has issued a call on eurozone leaders to quickly resolve the Greek debt crisis, whatever the outcome of Sunday’s referendum, after the British business group’s latest poll highlighted mounting pressure on exporters.The lobby group said its surveys of more than 750 companies across the manufacturing, retai

Children 'in complete meltdown' over exams

Teachers in England seeing unprecedented levels of school-related anxiety, according to National Union of Teachers reportTeachers in England are seeing unprecedented levels of school-related anxiety, stress and mental health problems among pupils of all age groups and abilities, particularly around test or exam time, according to a new report.Children aged 10 or 11 are said to be “in compl

Patients could be charged for missed NHS appointments, says Jeremy Hunt

Health secretary says he has already taken step towards this by announcing that when people miss an appointment they are told how much it costs the NHSThe government favours the idea of charging patients who miss NHS appointments to ensure people take greater responsibility for the use of precious resources, the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has said.But in an appearance on BBC1’s Questio

Leading Catholics write to Iain Duncan Smith to express fears over welfare cuts

Open letter appeals to Duncan Smith’s religious convictions in an effort to persuade him to reverse his austerity-inspired welfare reformsMore than 70 leading Catholics have written to Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, who is Catholic, to tell him they fear the impact of his welfare reform policies.In an open letter the group, led by the thinktanks Ekklesia and the Centre

'What matters is that it works': Peter Hendy on TfL, Network Rail and mayors

London’s ex-transport chief was hired to fix troubled rail operator – and his first task is to review which parts of a £38.5bn upgrade plan can still be deliveredIt only took five days. On Saturday 20 June, Sir Peter Hendy was approached to be the new chair of Network Rail. By 5pm on Wednesday he had accepted, and less than 24 hours later ministers were publicly admitting the depth of the cri

Tim Farron: my religion would not be an issue if I were Jewish or Muslim

Lib Dem leadership hopeful hits out at scrutiny of his Christian beliefs after rival campaign runs survey asking about his ‘illiberal views’The Liberal Democrat leadership candidate Tim Farron has said his religious beliefs would not get the same level of scrutiny if he was Jewish or Muslim.The committed Christian said people who were concerned that his faith would affect his ability to le

Theresa May named internet villain of the year

Home Secretary receives gong for going ahead with ‘snooper’s charter’, while MPs Tom Watson and David Davis are ‘heroes’ for challenging surveillanceThe Home Secretary, Theresa May, has been named the UK internet industry’s villain of the year for pursuing “snooper’s charter” legislation without fully consulting the sector. The gong, part of the annual ISPA awards, was given for “forging a

No charges for missed GP appointments, says Cameron

Prime minister dismisses Jeremy Hunt suggestion that patients may face charges to encourage greater responsibility for use of NHS resourcesDowning Street has dismissed a suggestion by the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, that patients who miss NHS appointments could be charged to ensure they take greater responsibility for the use of limited resources.A spokeswoman for David Cameron said the

Foreign Office ‘did not stop Iraq making chemical weapons’

Papers from 1983 show diplomats knew of poison before it was used against Iran but did not act because British firm was involved in tradeThe government delayed taking action to prevent Iraq obtaining chemical weapons partially because British exporters were involved in the trade, according to Foreign Office documents.Newly released papers from 1983 show that even before Iraq began widespre

Osborne’s first budget without Lib Dems likely to hit welfare state hard

Chancellor expected to blame Gordon Brown’s tax credit policy for making workers dependent on the stateCuts to housing benefit, a further lowering of the overall welfare cap and reductions to in-work tax credits are all being considered by George Osborne in next week’s budget, as he seeks to roll back what he regards as a bloated welfare state expanded by Gordon Brown during his tenure of the

Labour to look ‘very seriously’ at plan to target Isis in Syria

Labour pledge boosts David Cameron’s hopes of building cross-party consensus behind expansion of air strikesDavid Cameron’s hopes of building a cross-party consensus behind military air strikes against Islamic State forces in Syria were boosted after Labour said it would look “very, very seriously” at any government proposals to expand the bombing beyond Isis targets in Iraq.Harriet Harman

Margaret Thatcher ‘very oily to kings’, says note in newly released FCO file

Foreign Office file released to National Archives in Kew details disagreement between Whitehall departmentsMargaret Thatcher was described by a diplomat as “very oily to kings but matter of fact to lesser mortals” after she apologised to King Fahd of Saudi Arabia for a mistake the BBC had not made.The dismissive comment is preserved in a Foreign Office file released to the National Archive

Prince Charles: rewire the global economy to stop climate change

Heir to the throne calls for end to ‘business as usual’ approach that does nothing to avert catastrophic global warming – and praises Guardian’s climate campaignPrince Charles has said that “profound changes” to the global economic system are needed in order to avert environmental catastrophe, in an uncompromising speech delivered in front of an audience of senior business leaders and politic

UK officials discussed resettling 5.5m Hong Kong Chinese in Northern Ireland

Archives reveal debate in 1983 over bizarre idea of moving millions of Chinese to Northern Ireland at height of Troubles ahead of colony’s handover to BeijingGovernment officials raised the idea of resettling the entire five and a half million residents of Hong Kong in Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles, it has emerged in government documents that have just been released. The e

Financial problems 'now endemic' in NHS England, says King's Fund

Leading thinktank’s survey of financial directors finds two-thirds of all NHS trusts are forecasting deficits, even the most prestigious and well-run hospitals Patients in England face poorer NHS and social care, including longer waiting times, because of the financial “black hole” that looms over hospitals and other services, says a leading thinktank. The King’s Fund warns that already un

Conservative MP complains that 'Mcs' are causing delays in the Commons

Philip Hollobone, MP for Kettering, tells parliament a rise in number of members whose surnames begin with Mc – many of them SNP – is holding up voting An influx of MPs with surnames starting with Mc are creating long queues in the voting lobbies of the House of Commons, a Conservative MP has complained.Speaking in parliament on Thursday, the MP for Kettering, Philip Hollobone, said the ar

A Muslim mayor of London would 'send message to the haters', says Sadiq Khan

Electing Muslim mayor would ‘say something about our confidence as a city’, says prospective Labour candidate Sadiq KhanA Muslim mayor of London would send a message to all “the haters in Iraq and in Syria” that the city is a beacon of tolerance and respect, Sadiq Khan, one of Labour candidates for the job, has said.Khan, the first Muslim MP to be elected in London, set out his case for wh

I did not lobby on behalf of Qatari royal | Letter from Cherie Blair

I’ve rarely read a more sensationalist and inaccurate story (Blair’s 19 emails urging Clinton to meet Qatari royal, 2 July) in the Guardian than the one concerning my email exchange with Hillary Clinton about a meeting with Sheikha Mozah.You write that over a four-month period in 2009, I “repeatedly” emailed Hillary Clinton, “urging” her “to carve out a space in her busy diary to meet Mozah”.

Jeremy Hunt inadvertently unveils NHS appointments policy prematurely – video

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt reveals a potential government policy on BBC Question Time before it was formally announced. Speaking on Thursday night, the health secretary says the government has taken a first step towards introducing greater responsibility for the use of resources by introducing new measures to ensure that patients who miss appointments are told how much NHS money they have wasted

Politics Live - readers' edition - Friday 3 July

Share breaking news, leave links to interesting articles online and chat about the week’s political events in our open thread. 8.18am BST I am not writing my normal Politics Live blog today but, as an alternative, here’s Politics Live: readers’ edition. It’s intended to be a place where you can catch up with the latest news and find links to good politics blogs and articles on the web.

MPs sense something fishy as Grayling solves West Lothian question

Much to the minister’s chagrin, the few MPs who were in the Commons to witness this moment of history were by and large sceptical of his motivesImagine you were the first person to actually observe dark matter. I’m guessing here, but I’d reckon the temptation to make a bit of a song and dance about it would be quite high. Even the most reclusive of scientists would allow a press conference to

George Brandis and the arts funding crisis: one hell of a one-man show

The arts minister seems intent on dismantling the arms-length funding system that has been a cornerstone of Australian cultural policy for four decades*George Brandis will have final say on arts funding, guidelines suggestThe Australian arts sector held a crisis meeting in Sydney on Thursday night. More than 120 arts leaders from around the country attended to discuss what to do about one

Martin Rowson on Jeremy Hunt's price-label plan – cartoon

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The Guardian view on a new Lib Dem leader: he must be hi-vis. That means Tim Farron | Editorial

The party is lucky to have two good candidates, but only one can offer a return to the old style of charismatic insurgencyIn a political culture prone to hyperbole, more threats are called existential than deserve the label. One suitable application is to the Liberal Democrat predicament since the general election. The party went to the polls braced for a humbling loss of seats but hoping never

Camila Batmanghelidjh surprised troubled kids with love | Libby Brooks

The Kids Company founder has her detractors. Sadly, we need her gospel of empathy more than everCamila Batmanghelidjh doesn’t text. Chronically dyslexic, the plethora of electronic means of communication, second nature to the young people she works with, is anathema to the children’s campaigner and founder of Kids Company. I found this frustrating when I was getting to know her, over a decade a

Kids Company row highlights dilemma of charities at the sharp end of austerity

The likes of Camila Batmanghelidjh’s organisation are in a bind: dependent on government funding but determined to speak out about effect of cutsFor years, Kids Company has scooped up and looked after thousands of vulnerable children who have been failed by the state. With heavy cuts to local authority budgets, and increased pressure on children’s mental health services, more and more childre

The biggest raid on benefits you’ve never heard of | Juliette Jowitt

Thought the £12bn welfare cuts were a big deal? Try the £40bn the government saved itself with a sleight of hand over inflationIn next week’s budget, attention will be sharply focused on the details of how the new government will cut its welfare budget by £12bn.But while jobseekers and carers wait to hear specifics of how ministers will take nearly 10% off the annual benefits bill, few reali

Islamic State beware – it’s Cameron’s full-spectrum renaming campaign | Marina Hyde

As the terror group’s reach expands, MPs are getting down to the serious business of what they and the BBC should call itAmid all the shocking images from Syria, there was one the other week that took a chastening new tack. It showed agroup of rebels from the town of Kafranbel – which resists both Assad and Isis – holding up a huge banner. This alluded to a certain _au courant_ Vanity Fair cove

If I were Hillary Clinton, I’d rather Cherie Blair just left me alone | Deborah Orr

Blair’s emails to Clinton betray Blair’s unerring belief that she and her rich, powerful friends are truly the ‘good people’ of the world. I’m afraid I find it all rather creepyPolitics is too important to be left to the bad people. Who knew? Cherie Blair knew, apparently. But then she forgot. Luckily, Hillary Clinton was around to coax this easily dismissed insight back to the front of her m

Why British air strikes in Syria would be pointless | Shashank Joshi

Michael Fallon’s suggestion would be a futile gesture in the fight against Isis, not least because of a lack of allied ground forcesDefence secretary Michael Fallon has complained about the “illogicality” of attacking Islamic State in Iraq, but not Syria. He wants to ask this parliament to sanction what its predecessor would not, allowing Britain to join the United States and Arab allies. Fallo News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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