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Tunisia Massacre Victims Honored With Minute of Silence

Britain marked a nationwide minute's silence on July 3 in memory of the victims of the jihadist gun massacre in Tunisia on June 26.

Dried Up Lake San Antonio Shuts As Summer Kicks In

Four years of drought have reduced Lake San Antonio to only 5% of maximum capacity. The lake closed indefinitely on July 1.

The Week in Pictures

The White House turns into a campground, Europe swelters under heat wave, Greek pensioners line up for cash, a panda cub naps and more.

Feds Look Into Possible Airline Scheme to Keep Fares High

The Department of Justice is investigating possible collusion among major airlines to limit available seats which keeps airfares high.

Why This July 4 Holiday Could Be Deadliest in Years

Busier roads, rising fatalities and the Fourth falling on a Saturday may push the national death toll over 400, says the National Safety Council.

JetBlue Starts Charging for All Checked Baggage

JetBlue, which had long touted its one free checked bag perk, started charging for the first piece of luggage Tuesday.

The Great Wall of China Is Nearly 1/3 Gone

Vandalism and exposure to the elements has destroyed around 30 percent of the Great Wall of China, according to Chinese state-run media.

'Urgent Task': China's Great Wall Is Crumbling

Vandalism and exposure to the elements has destroyed around 30 percent of the Great Wall of China, according to Chinese state-run media.

Traveling to Greece? Great Prices, Big Problems

Many U.S. tourists are carrying extra cash in case the ATMs in Athens run dry.

For Onboard Wi-Fi, Not All Airlines are Equal

Airlines in the U.S. have committed billions to providing a better in-flight experience, but some are better than others.

Tunisia Attack Could Be 'Nail in the Coffin' for Tourism

It's already clear that terror attack in Tunisia will severely hurt the country's tourism-driven economy.

Disney World Bans Selfie Sticks for Your Safety

Disney World may bring a smile to your face but soon you can't use a selfie stick to capture it.

'Explosive Device' Call Brings Airport to Standstill

An anonymous bomb threat to a passenger jet brought an airport in the Polish capital to a standstill early Thursday, the airline told NBC News.

Oldest Public Garden in U.S. is Steeped in African-American History

Marketing and Public Relations Manager Herb Frazier takes us on a journey inside one of Charleston, South Carolina's most popular tourist destinations, the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.

Spaceport America Launches Down-to-Earth Tourism

Earthbound tourists can now taste the excitement of space travel at Spaceport America in New Mexico without leaving the ground.

United Fliers Stranded in 'Disruptive' Passenger Drama

Almost 300 United Airlines passengers slept on an airport floor after their Rome to Chicago flight was diverted to offload a disruptive passenger.

Hackers Ground 1,400 Passengers at Warsaw Airport

About 1,400 passengers of the Polish airline LOT were grounded at the Warsaw airport after hackers attacked the systems used to issue flight plans.

How Many Surfers Fit on a Really, Really Longboard?

Surf champions and local heroes were among those who hung loose on a custom built, 42-foot board off Huntington Beach on Saturday.

Will JFK Runway Closure Create a Summer Traffic Jam?

If your summer travel plans involve the New York airport, bring something to read just in case.

No Need To Buy A Smaller Carry-On Just Yet

After backlash, an airline industry group said it would 'pause' a plan that could have reduced allowable carry-on sizes 20-40 percent in some cases.

The Week in Pictures

Lions, tigers & bears escape Georgia zoo during flooding, exhaustive manhunt for fugitives, a koala joey sticks close to injured mom, and more.

Delayed Couple's Attempt to Stop Jet Ends in Jail Cell

A couple ran out onto the tarmac of Malta's international airport to stop a jet from leaving for Italy without them, a court heard on Thursday.

Las Vegas Tycoon Kirk Kerkorian Dead at 98

He built the 30-story, 1,568-room International Hotel, the world's largest hotel when it opened in the late 1960s.

Airline Profits Soar, but Fliers Are in for Bumpy Ride

Despite plummeting fuel costs, the airlines' single biggest cost, few of those savings are getting passed along to passengers.

Malaysia Airlines Jet Makes Emergency Landing

A Malaysia Airlines passenger jet made an emergency landing at Melbourne airport on Friday after instruments indicated an engine fire, officials said.

France Vows to Be Nicer to Tourists

France has announced a scheme to lure more tourists with a new fund, and ministers urged the French to be more welcoming.

More States Ticketing Drivers for Hogging Left Lane

Indiana will charge $500 fines to slowpokes who refuse to move out of the left lane when traffic piles up behind them.

Tourists Accused of Naked Pics on 'Sacred' Peak Face Jail

Four tourists face three months in a Malaysian prison after allegedly stripping on a "sacred" mountain in what tribes believed triggered an earthquake.

Would-Be Terrorists Slain at Egypt Tourist Site: Officials

The temple complex along the Nile is one of Egypt's main tourist attractions.

Airlines Want to Put Your Carry-On Bags on a Diet

The major airlines' trade group wants to standardize the size of carry-on luggage — and it wants you to slim down your bags. News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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