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Art or Vandalism? Painting Spree Hits National Parks

The National Park Service says it’s investigating a New York artist as a suspect in graffiti vandalism across the western United States.

Pick the right Halloween costume for your cat or dog

When it comes to Halloween, the nation’s dogs have become real party animals. Just because they don’t eat the candy doesn’t mean they can’t dress up for Halloween – and many do. But how do you pick the right costume for your cat or dog, and make sure it's a good idea to dress them up in the first place?

Search for Malaysian Jet 'Will Take Many Months'

Australian officials Peter Foley and Judith Zielke discuss the restart of the search for missing Malaysian flight MH370, which was put on hold for four months while the sea floor in the revised search zone was mapped.

'Middle Earth' Helps Passengers Fly Safe

Air New Zealand has released a new Hobbit-themed in-flight air safety video. Actors such as Elijah Wood from the original trilogy appear, as does film director Peter Jackson.

'One hot mama!' Woman speechless after Ambush Makeover, donates hair to charity

A rainy fall day in New York City got much brighter for two ladies when they were swept away by our Ambush Makeover team for an unforgettable transformation.53-year-old Vickie Lilley from North Carolina dropped 95 pounds and decided it was a good time to trade in her "au naturale" appearance for an upgraded look. "She's a wonderful person, " Vickie's friend Renee told Jill Martin.

Football Fights and Ballet Solos: The Week in Pictures

Foamy freshmen at St. Andrews, widows light up Diwali, umbrellas vs. batons in Hong Kong, football fight on the field, counting sheep & more.

Vote for the Week in Pictures

Vote for the best image from the Week in Pictures.

The Secret to Getting a Cheap Thanksgiving Flight

Holiday season is just around the corner.

Giant Sculptures Greet Sydney's Beachgoers

The "Sculpture by the Sea" exhibition stretches for over a mile along Sydney's coastline.

Tamron's Tuesday Trend: 3 ways to rock a pantsuit or jumpsuit

Each week, Tamron Hall shows off beauty tips, style ideas or lifestyle trends that she enjoys and offers tips so viewers can join in too. This week style expert Lilliana Vazquez offers her advice for pulling off a style Tamron loves — the pantsuit.

4 Tips For Cheap Thanksgiving Flights

If you’re planning to fly over the Thanksgiving holiday, think like a comedian: Timing is everything and if you get it wrong, it won’t be pretty.

Oil CEO Killed as Snowplow Collides With Jet

Cameras capture the devastation after a snowplow collided with a small plane, killing four people on board including the CEO of a French oil company.

Snowplow into Jet Leaves Four Dead

Cameras capture the devastation after a snowplow collided with a small plane, killing four people on board including the CEO of a French oil company.

That's the Ticket: 4 Tips for Thanksgiving Fliers

If you’re planning to fly over the Thanksgiving holiday, think like a comedian: Timing is everything and if you get it wrong, it won’t be pretty.

The easy trick to finally finding the perfect concealer for you

They call it concealer for a reason. The right formulation can mask bags, camouflage dark circles and hide all evidence of a breakout — if, that is, you know how to choose the shade and formula for your concern.

Marathoners Fight Thick Beijing Smog on Race Day

Despite heavy pollution blanketing Beijing on Sunday, an international marathon went ahead, with face masks used to battle the smog.

Ebola Travel Ban: Health Officials Call It a Big Mistake

There are reasons the U.S. hasn't enacted a travel ban on Ebola-stricken countries: It could actually make things worse, health officials say.

Fall's 5 chicest coat styles for less

The standard fashion advice is to save your money all year for that inevitable investment piece: the fall coat. But what if gorgeous, on-trend outerwear didn’t have to cost a bundle? We found the season’s top new styles at surprisingly wallet-friendly prices.TrenchFrom shiny blowouts to pearl jewelry, polished style is back in a big way.

Worried Fliers Don Masks as Precaution Against Ebola

Many travelers say they're worried the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn't fully understand the threat of the Ebola virus.

Frontier Airlines Contacts Passengers on Ebola Patient's Flight

Experts say it is highly unlikely that Amber Vinson, the second nurse infected with Ebola in Dallas, was contagious on the plane.

World's Biggest Cruise Ship Gets a Makeover

Oasis of the Seas sets sail for Florida after extensive refurbishment.

Blizzards, Avalanches Kill Eight Foreign Hikers in Nepal

Eight foreign hikers were among at least 20people killed in Nepal by unseasonal blizzards and avalanches triggered by the tail of cyclone Hudhud.

Dallas Nurse With Ebola Had Low-Grade Fever on Commercial Flight

CDC Director Tom Frieden said Wednesday that health care workers who care for Ebola patients should not be traveling.

Passenger Was Sexually Assaulted in Jet's Bathroom: FBI

A passenger was sexually assaulted in an airliner's bathroom while flying from Hawaii to Japan, officials said.

Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Cabin Walls Buckle

An American Airlines flight from San Francisco to Dallas makes an emergency landing in San Francisco after the walls of the plane became loose.

4 tricks to making your fragrance last all day...and beyond

Feel like your fragrance has faded to nothing by the time you even get into the office? Getting a scent to linger is easier than you might think when you follow a few simple strategies.Treat your fragrances might sound odd, but even the finest flacons of perfume are a little like bottles of beer — at least in how you should store them.

Double Decker Tour Bus Flipped on its Side Near Indianapolis

At least half a dozen sreported seriously injured after bus crashed on I-65. Its driver was reportedly avoiding a crash that occurred minutes earlier.

Passenger Jet's Wall Panels Come Loose During Flight

An American Airlines flight made an emergency landing after panels inside its cabin began to come apart while flying from San Francisco to Dallas.

What to Know About Ebola and Travel Insurance

NBC Washington's Erika Gonzalez examines travel insurance options as fear of Ebola spreads.

5 Passengers with Flu Symptoms Taken off Jet in Boston

Federal officials said none of the travelers had been in West Africa recently, but all five were taken to hospitals to be checked. News | Awards & Certificates | Promote Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Uninstall Info

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